Sports Marketing Ideas To Promote Sporting Events To Potential Attendees


Your sports event might not be professional level, but it definitely still deserves support and recognition. After all, for athletes, there’s nothing quite like playing your heart out while people cheer you on. Outdoor sports are also great for getting people out of their houses and getting some fresh air, so it plays off of that advantage as well.

The thing is, unless your sporting event is already using the latest sports business trends, it’s not that easy to get people to actually come to enjoy it. This is where sponsors come in, but even the process of getting sponsors requires time, effort, and a good deal of recognition and fan following. So just how do you get your outdoor sports event the attention it deserves?

Set Up An Event Website

This would be the first thing that anyone who’s interested in your event will check out in order to get the information that they need, so it’s best to have this set up before anything else . An effective event website has all the answers that visitors to the site would have, and if not, there should be a way for them to contact the organizers of the event in order to get the answers that they require. This is also a fitting gateway for interested sponsors with effective advertising strategies to contact the event organizers.

Create An E-Newsletter

Email marketing is another great strategy to utilize for your sports event. Creating an e-newsletter specifically for the event will help to keep the event fresh in prospective attendees minds. Often times, when people digitally respond to an event, they forget about it. Email marketing prevents that from happening. A good email newsletter also provides a useful opportunity to keep attendees in the know on event scheduling, locations, maps and other developments. Next to creating a website, this is one of the best sports marketing ideas to implement as soon as possible.

Get A Well-Known Athlete On Your Side

If your outdoor sports event is pretty low-key, or quite new to the scene, having someone who is known and associated with the sport can help stir interest from current and prospective sports fans. This is called influencer marketing. If you can somehow tap a well-known sports personality to help with your campaign, it would certainly generate good marketing results.

Involve The Local Media

Not everyone might be concerned with the news on a national or international scale, but most people in a community would most certainly be interested in what’s going on in their immediate vicinity. Having your sports event featured in the local media can boost interest and possibly get people to check it out.

Put Up Posters

Visual promotional materials are a tried and tested marketing trick, and they continue to be effective even in today’s digital age that social media benefits do not match up to. Don’t forget to include all the important details regarding your event, such as the date, time, venue, and other exciting happenings aimed at attracting more and more supporters.

Set Up A Promotional Booth

A promotional booth is both visually stimulating and interactive, so it’s a perfect marketing strategy for outdoor sports events. The set up can be pretty straightforward: a customized tent, vertical banners, music or a promotional video, a table with flyers and possibly freebies, and a sports-uniformed personnel manning the booth who can answer questions from interested visitors. You can also offer discounted tickets at the booth, or have mini-pre-event events to garner more interest and get more people to sign up.

You might not have a lot of big-time sponsorship deals now, but that certainly shouldn’t stop you from effectively promoting your event and getting people to check it out. We’re quite fortunate to live in a time where social media sharing is very high, so getting the word out on your sports event might just be a lot easier than you think.

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