5 Important Outsource Sales Team Management Best Practices

Outsourcing a sales team can be extremely beneficial for business. Anyone who has done a feasibility study knows that. Managing an outsourced sales team, on the other hand, can be a bit more of a difficult task. There are some intricacies to outsource sales team management that your average manager simple does not have the experience to know. However, managing an outsourced team does not have to be the deterrent that causes you to forego outsourcing entirely. Find out some management tips to help you manage an outsource sales team effectively below.

Know Your Process

If you want to manage a sales team, especially one that is outsourced, you absolutely must know your company’s sales process inside and out. Many managers make the mistake of thinking that an outsourced team does not require you to have any working knowledge yourself. After all, they are supposed to be the experts. Unfortunately, this thinking could not be more wrong. Your company has a unique sales funnel, as does every business. You need to recognize that and be familiar with every stage of your sales cycle. This way, you are able to convey that information to your outsource sales team. That will help them be able to do their job to their fullest ability, which is what you are there to help them achieve as a manager.

Establish Relationships

As with any other type of management, sales team management requires you to establish relationships with your team members. This is even true of outsourced teams, although many do not seem to understand this fact. Building good relationships with your sales team will help you get to know how they operate. It also helps them get to know you and your company’s inner workings much better. That will help them tailor their sales pitches to your particular operations. When you know your employees, you establish a good working environment that encourages team members to work together to reach a shared goal. This is a must for all types of management, and managing an outsourced sales team is no different.

Motivate The Team

Once you know your team, you can better motivate them to help your company reach its sales goals. Sales team motivation is one of the deciding factors when it comes to improving sales figures. When your team feels discouraged, beaten down and miserable, do you really think they will be able to perform at their best? No, of course not. They are real people, and poor office morale is bound to have an impact. Find out the best ways to motivate your outsource team when you establish relationships with them. Find out what drives them to do their best. Then, use this information to motivate your sales team when they really need it most. This is exactly what a good manager is supposed to do.

Be Helpful

Managing an outsourced team is different than managing an in-house sales team. However, the fundamental essence of management does not change. Manager as there to be helpful to their team. They are supposed to provide support to the team whenever they need it. Always be helpful with your outsourced team. Find out what you can be doing to make their jobs easier. What can you do to help them reach their sales goals? How can you bring about changes that improve their ability to close deals? Finding these things out will make you one of the best managers the outsource company has ever seen. It will also produce beneficial results for your sales volume. That should make all involved parties happy.

Accountability Counts

As with any other management position, accountability matters. Outsource sales teams are no different. Hold your outsourced team accountable for their actions or lack thereof. When they produce results and hit sales goals, or even exceed them, recognize that. But, be sure to also recognize when employees are not meeting expectations. Then, be sure to set a plan in place to help them exceed expectations going forward. Check in to make sure their performance has picked up. If not, then you can escalate things to the outsource company that employs them. That is where your negotiation skills will come in handy. This is a key element to the best outsource management practices that many managers simply do not care to enforce. Do not make this mistake, and you are sure to be a great outsource team manager.

If you are a manager or work in any other supervisory role, you will probably have to manage an outsourced team at least once in your career. Managing an outsourced sales team can present a unique set of management challenges that the average manager may not be prepared to navigate. That is why this post is here, to help you become the best outsource sales team manager there is. Follow the outsource team management tips above to manage a sales team effectively so that they help your company reach its sales goals every quarter.

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