Switching To Another Outsourced IT Helpdesk Provider In London

In a fast-paced market environment like the present, your company can only rely on the most reliable, trusted and efficient support providers available to secure long-term business success. When it comes to maintaining a sufficient IT infrastructure, you might find yourself facing the decision of switching to another IT helpdesk operation in London. Whether you’re looking for a more flexible pricing structure, better overall service or a larger workforce, there are a few steps your business should follow to make the process as smooth as possible. As you hand over your IT support from one partner to another, the methods below will ensure the transfer is seamless.

Determine Why You Need To Switch Partners

Changing to another IT provider to help with your needs will always be a considerable change. As such, your business needs to comprehensively examine why the switch is necessary, as it won’t only keep you from making any hasty decisions, but also point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing another company. As you review your choices, make sure potential candidates can meet these crucial requirements:

  • Meet market demands regarding IT while growing with your business’s overall development
  • Capable of providing flexible pricing options that won’t drain your resources
  • Provide a long-term roadmap of how their IT support will benefit your business growth

Note that if your outsourced IT helpdesk in London is willing to listen, you should also make an effort to negotiate new agreements that better suit your needs — though this might not always be possible. When deciding if your current partner should be replaced with another provider, your company should ask itself these questions:

  • Are they willing to meet my growing demands and business requirements? Or, are their capabilities only limited to what we initially agreed upon?
  • Are they following what was specified in the contract?
  • Are they adequately protecting me from the growing number of security threats, such as business cyberattacks by cybercriminals?
  • Are they following new or revised IT standards?

If your IT helpdesk partner fails to meet such requirements, then searching for an alternative may be in the best interest of your business moving forward. Of course, not all reasons may be quite so reprehensible; perhaps your operations have simply outgrown their capabilities, in which a friendly parting of ways is most beneficial for both parties. Once you’ve determined if — and why — your business needs to switch to another outsourced IT support solutions provider in London, it is time to put in some research. Create detailed guidelines for finding a new enterprise to ensure they’re capable of offering comprehensive support and aligning with your business’s objectives to keep you competitive and secure in the market.

Regain Your IT Assets

Prior to the start of your search, your business should take the time to recollect its IT assets before parting ways with its current IT support desk in London. Preferably, your business is already practicing regular back-ups: reclaim any files, networks, settings, passwords, information and other crucial data that you own. Even if the relationship between you and your IT partner is amicable, this critical preventative measure is always worth completing, as you don’t ever want your business’s confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Once your modern enterprise IT infrastructure is being taken care of by your new partner, maintain your security by changing access codes to your devices.

Get Your Documents In Order Through An IT Audit

An IT audit will show you precisely what IT assets you have in your possession, making the transfer process all the easier once it’s time to turn everything over to your new outsourced IT enterprise. Document everything into an organized list, including hardware, software, remote devices and access codes — like passwords and log-in usernames. You can further aid your new IT team by providing them with any support logs you’ve retained from your previous partner. This way, they’ll be able to identify the problem areas of your infrastructure and apply their attention to those sections long before any issues arise. It will also give them a clear picture of your overall operations and capacity, supplying them with ample time to prepare their primary defense strategies.

Don’t Shut Down Communication

Keeping your new IT support provider updated with your concerns, questions and requirements is always essential, but it couldn’t be more crucial when switching from one partner to another. As experienced as they may be, you shouldn’t expect them to take on everything alone — at least, not successfully. Work closely with your new partner to set everything in place seamlessly and efficiently. After all, these initial steps can be the difference between a poor relationship versus one that blossoms. By following the methods listed above, you can ensure your business enjoys the latter.

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