6 Ways Packaging Design Can Help You Increase Product Sales

There are several ways packaging design can increase your product sales. Of course, a good package design complements a product. The design is often the first thing customers see and can make the difference between your products flying off the shelves or sitting on them for months. Package design is a lot more important for some products like food or medicine. However, you can still leverage good product design to increase sales in other industries. As a marketing manager, you need to be informed on the direct ways packaging impacts your product sales. Read on to learn about the most important ways your packaging design can increase your product sales.

Builds A Brand

Product packaging is all part of building a recognizable brand. Most big brands have a fixed design for all of their products, so customers can buy one product and immediately recognize that it’s from a particular brand. Brand logos, similar colors, the same font, and other information are all used across an entire range. This creates a sense of uniformity, which is critical in the creation of a strong brand.
Once customers learn to recognize and love your brand, sales will increase in a holistic manner. This is why it’s crucial to design the right packaging from the very start of your journey – if you significantly change the design of your packaging at a later date, it could harm your sales.

Connects The Consumer To The Product

If your product is new in the market, your packaging design is the one thing that connects potential customers to your product. Customers can know a lot about your product just by looking at the packaging. They can tell if you took the time to create great packaging which would translate into you taking the time to create a great product as well as company advertising effectiveness. If customers do not think you did this, then they won’t connect to your product and their interest in your brand might be gone forever. The packaging design also includes information about the brand and the producer. These details can give customers a feeling of connection which builds trust, improves customer loyalty, and improves sales.

Attracts Customers

The design itself is a potent marketing tool as it draws the customer’s attention to your product. Although dark or bland packaging designs are acceptable for some products, they are not advisable for products that you want to move fast. These include food, drinks, and so on.
A good design should be complemented by high-quality packaging material. No matter how good the design is, it will not stand out if the packaging material does not let it. The Packaging Lab creates amazing custom packaging material that is vibrant enough so your packaging design will stand out, and your customers will love it.

Gives Your Product An Identity

A common theme among products that do not move off the shelf quick enough is that they do not stand out mainly because they do not have an identity. Most of these products’ packaging looks too generic. On the other hand, there are products that you pick up from the shelf without thinking about it because you know the packaging so well. These products have an identity that is made possible by their packaging design. In addition, you can use brand and identity services to help improve your designs and messaging. Well-designed packaging material can also help improve brand recognition, which goes a long way in helping with sales numbers.

Provides Customers Sense Of Safety

If you sell food products, the first thing most people will look at when they pick your product is the ingredients label. If you do not have one as part of your packaging design, you may need to rethink your branding strategy. Notably, customers might start wondering why it is not there or if you have something to hide. Allergies are another example where customers feel safe if you have clear labeling as part of your packaging’s design. Customers with certain allergies want to know exactly what is in your products and if this information is missing, they will not feel safe using it and will therefore not buy it.

Adds Value To Your Product

Furthermore, package design also adds value to your product. Importantly, your product packaging needs to be informative. Ideally, you should tell the user everything they need to know to buy and use your product. For example, you should explain what the product is used for as well as how it should be used. You should also include information about where they can purchase more of your products. This is key to generating more traffic and increasing your sales. Finally, your package should also communicate what value the product adds to your target audience’s life. In this way, product design is key to communicating vital messages to keep your customers engaged and looking for more of your company products.

Promote A Sense Of Sustainability

Of course, proper product packaging can promote a sense of sustainability and environmental friendliness for your brand. To integrate eco-friendly packaging techniques, consider using biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, or plantable packing materials. Other creative companies have even experimented with edible packaging, or partnered with manufactures that employ sustainable practices. This way, you can improve brand image, reduce waste, and minimize carbon risk. Of course, these techniques increase shareholder confidence, enhance recruitment, and strengthen your competitive advantage.

There are several ways packaging design can increase your product sales. First, it can build your brand and connect your customers to your products. Next, it can also attract customers and give your product an identity. In addition, it also provides customers a sense of safety. Product packaging is so important, it can aid or hurt your sales numbers. It is therefore important to choose a design that stands out, provides clear information about the brand and producer, and that can help customers recognize your products and brand immediately.

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