What To Include In A Painting Contract Agreement

There are several sections to include in a painting contract agreement. This legal document should cover all aspects and responsibilities of the job. This includes services, pay, scheduling and expectations. As an independent contractor, you need to set an understanding for the residential or commercial painting services you will perform. Then, you can develop a project plan for your painting services. Here are some elements to include in your painting contract agreement.

Work Expectations

A popular element of a painting contract agreement is work expectations. Specify that all work procedures will follow the standards of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Note that workers will remain professional and on the project until it is completed. You should include that the project will go as planned unless there is an accident or delay out of your control. This can save your company from legal repercussions, disputes or issues. Complete this section thoroughly for a clear understanding about the standards, conditions and performance expectations. Certainly, every painting contract agreement should include a work expectation section.

Payment Terms

Definitely include payment terms in your painting contract agreement. State that there is a down payment before the job can be started. Typically, this charge is about half of the total price for services. Certainly describe how you plan on accepting the rest of the payment. Most contractors provide the client with an invoice at the end of the project. Be specific about when the invoice should be paid and the possible legal actions if the payment is withheld. Of course, you can request payment in cash or check. In addition, you can also do this by choosing credit card options. Clearly, you should include payment terms in your painting contract agreement.

Paint And Color Expectations

Another popular element to include in your painting contract agreement is paint and color expectations. Work with your client to decide what color they want the area to be. After confirming the specific color, state it in the written document. This can save your company time and money if a client is upset with the color after the job is completed. Additionally, specify the brand of paint you will be using. You can use this as leverage if the client doesn’t like the way the final product turned out. Certainly express the paint and color expectations in your painting contract agreement.

Equipment Policy

Certainly include an equipment policy in your painting contact agreement. Detail the list of equipment supplied and what will remain at the worksite. This list can include anything from an airless paint sprayer to scaffolding. In the contract, stipulate the painting or construction equipment remains in the ownership of the contractor. State that if any of the equipment is altered, defaced or damaged by the client, your company is not held responsible. Additionally, remind the client that if anything is damaged, it will be added to their invoice. Definitely include an equipment policy in your painting contract.

Cancellation Policy

Finally, add a cancellation policy in your painting contract agreement. Give your client a time of when they can cancel before being charged. Typically, most contracts allow the client up to 48 hours before the project is to begin. State that if the client cancels after that period that they will be charged a cancellation fee plus the cost of any supplies already ordered. Additionally, specify that you can terminate all work due to client negligence and unsafe circumstances. This will still allow you to be paid for the work you did before termination. Certainly, include a cancellation policy in your painting contract.

There are many sections to include in a painting contract agreement. Certainly include a work expectation section to have a clear agreement about the project. Additionally, include a payment policy so you are paid on time for the work you did. Add a color expectation section to save yourself from completing a project incorrectly. State an equipment policy so if any of your tools are damaged, the correct party is held responsible. Finally, include a cancellation policy so you don’t lose money if your client cancels. Certainly, these are the most popular elements to include in your painting contract agreement.

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