5 Payroll Application Features To Streamline HR Processes

Payroll applications can entirely change the way your HR department functions. These types of payroll software will streamline HR operations and maximize efficiency for the entire company. But without a few key features, payroll solutions can actually wind up harming an organization. If you are an HR manager, you want to be sure to pick the best payroll application that includes all the must have payroll software features. Learn what the five crucial software features are to get the most out of your HR payroll tools in the post below.

Direct Deposit

Nowadays, direct deposit features are crucial components for a worthwhile payroll software. Without direct depositing capabilities, there is no point in purchasing a payroll application. Employees do not want to work for a company that does not direct deposit checks. Not to mention, without direct depositing features, you will only be causing more work for your HR department employees to be responsible for. Your department will be forced to print paychecks and organize a system for distribution of those payments. This is one of the most important features to look for in your accounting and payroll tools, so your employees can stop wasting time.

Tax Calculator

Tax calculation capabilities are absolutely essential in any payroll application you’ll want to purchase. Tax calculators result in less menial math work for your department employees. This helps free those HR employees up for more meaningful work that further contributes’ to the company’s growth and success. It also maximizes HR department efficiency, which ultimately reflects positively on you as the HR manager. If you want to maximize HR efficiency and increase departmental contributions to business success as a whole, make sure you purchase payroll tools with tax calculator features.

Report Generation

Reporting features are must-have tools for any payroll software you consider investing in for your department. HR reports are some of the most valuable data afforded to businesses. Payroll applications with reporting tools make it quicker, easier and more efficient to produce these invaluable business reports. You can easily generate a report in minutes with the appropriate payroll tools that can aggregate HR metrics. This is obviously an improvement from the hours, days and even weeks of man-power these types of HR reporting traditionally required prior to payroll technology. If you want to invest in a payroll application that streamlines operations and maximizes the availability of business data insights, look for payroll tools with reporting features.

Customer Support

Customer support availability is a major concern when looking for the best payroll software. Round-the-clock customer support is one of the most crucial payroll features to look for. Of course, adopting new software takes time. It often requires assistance and guidance too. That is why it is so important to look for payroll applications with great customer support. That way, you can smoothly navigate the change management process while adopting new technology that will ultimately improve outcomes. Find out about customer support features and availability before committing to any payroll accounting technology.

Employee Self-Service

Self-serve features for employees are another key feature of top payroll accounting tools. Employee self-service features help keep your employees focused on the work tasks that actually matter. They also provide company employees the autonomy to take their payments and personal financial information into their own hands, like learning about their sponsored retirement plans. This level of transparency is entirely beneficial to employees and HR professionals alike. It fosters an environment of accountability, responsibility and accuracy. If you are going to invest in a payroll accounting solution, make sure it includes features for employee self-service.

Migrating to a new employee payroll application is worth the effort. The right payroll accounting technology can increase efficiency and improve transparency in any work environment. This, of course, will reflect most positively on you, the HR manager. Finding the best payroll software will help you demonstrate your abilities as an HR manager, to help further your career in the future. Just be sure to select an employee payroll solution with the key features detailed above. These critical payroll application features will help you get the most out of your accounting technology solutions to benefit your career and the business organization as a whole.

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