5 Creative Peer To Peer Recognition Program Ideas

Peer to peer recognition programs create better work environments. As a manager, you should be constantly initiating new programs to bring employees closer together. If you manage an office full of employees who are not comfortable with one another or who feel unmotivated, business performance suffers. Fortunately, there are programs to turn a negative office space into a positive one. While employee appreciation gifts benefit work environments, there are many new and unique ideas that increase peer-peer relationships. Read on to learn creative peer to peer recognition program ideas.

Praise Via Post-Its

You can assist employees in building better relationships with one another with just post-it notes. Hold a meeting with workers and have stacks of post-it notes handy. Present each employee their own stack and instruct them to use them for words of encouragement. Explain that leaving positive messages on peers’ desks can increase both work and culture quality. Furthermore, tell employees to leave kind messages for each other anonymously. The point of the exercise is not to give employees a reason to pat themselves on the backs. Instead, you want them to selflessly show appreciation for their coworkers. Your goal is to generate an attitude of gratitude. Since this post-it exercise generates this attitude, it is one of the best creative peer to peer recognition program ideas.

Implement A Point System

Another effective peer to peer recognition program idea is to implement a point system. This can be done through a software platform. Your platform should provide all employees with the option to send points to each other. Encourage them to send these points for both big and small achievements. You can keep the program idea simple and decide that the nice thoughts are awarding enough. On the other hand, you can take the idea a step further by allowing employees to redeem their points for small prizes. Point systems allow employees to cheer each other on daily.

Film A Movie

You can also encourage peer to peer recognition by filming a short movie. Take it upon yourself to videotape employees thanking their peers. Give them freedom in their individual videos. Allow them to show coworkers appreciation based on both work and personality. Whether an employee wants to thank their colleague for creating a successful marketing campaign or bringing in donuts last week, the nice thought is till there. Once you put the clips together to create one single film, hold a meeting designated to watching it. In doing so, you will bring your office closer together.

Publicize On Social Media

Peers will also appreciate recognition on social media. Create a program that allows employees to receive praise in a public social media platform. Make an account on the platform of your choosing and provide all employees involved with the login information. Then, assign a week to each employee. When an employee’s scheduled week arrives, they must login to the account and show a coworker of their choosing appreciation. Instruct them to be specific with their thanks. Tell them to include the name of their peer, what it is that they did well, and why it was appreciated. This peer to peer recognition idea takes acknowledgement to the next level by making it public to any followers.

Use Gamification

Consider using gamification to increase peer to peer recognition between employees. Business owners and managers alike use gamification platforms to motivate employees to improve performance. They increase employees’ abilities to work as a team. Many managers neglect to realize that they can also be used for employees to motivate each other through gratitude. Use the platforms to create friendly competition between employees. Simultaneously, encourage them to request awards for one another. You could also choose to promote recognition by putting employees on teams. Each time a team completes a task together, encourage the members to thank one another for their assistance. Since gamification can bring peers closer together, it proves a beneficial peer to peer recognition idea.

If your office setting need improvement, you need the best peer to peer recognition ideas. Consider giving employees post-its to write thank-you-notes addressed to their peers. Implement a point system in which workers can award other employees points for their good deeds. Film a movie documenting who each employee is thankful for and why. Create social media pages to publicize employee gratitude. In addition, use gamification platforms to excite employees about thanking one another. These are the top creative peer to peer recognition program ideas.

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