The 5 Ways Personality Tests Can Boost Your Business

Loads of people love to use personality tests like the Myers Briggs and the Enneagram in their personal lives. These tests can be loads of fun, and sharing your results with those close to you can help you to understand one another better. They’re ultimately a key ingredient to growing your small business this year.

However, there’s a lot more to these tests than just a bit of fun and some interesting notes on your character traits. Personality types can be used to improve your life and relationships in various ways. For a start, they make you a better business employee leader and can seriously boost profitability. Here’s how you can use personality tests to see growth in your company this year.

Understand Your Staff Better

First of all, knowing someone’s personality type can give you great insight into how they function in relationships, how they deal with conflict and what their strengths and weaknesses might be, in work and otherwise. You can use the knowledge of your staff’s personality types to grasp who they are and use this to your business’s advantage. Knowing the difference between how ENFJ characters and ISFJ characters will handle conflict is an easy example of why these tests can be so beneficial.

Improve Your Leadership Style

Aside from getting to know your team better, you can also learn more about yourself. Leading a group of people can be stressful but understanding your own business workplace behaviors can help. Certain personality types are naturally better at leading, but even if you don’t necessarily fit into that role, you can use your test results to figure out where you might be able to improve and what you could change in your approach.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Next, personality tests can reduce turnover to boost your business. Happy employees are much less likely to search for work in a new place. Good communication, leadership and professional development are all key factors in employee happiness. Personality tests can give your business an advantage in understanding how to improve these key factors. Use the benefits of personality psychology to keep your employees engaged in and motivated in your business. When your employees are more motivated, they tend to generate long-term plans to stay with your company. Surely, personality tests can reduce turnover and boost your business.

Build Better Teams

When it comes to major projects, and even smaller ones, group work can be incredibly beneficial. However, it can be tough knowing which people to team up together in order to achieve the best results. Certain types of people work best on their own, whilst others thrive in a group setting. When you know your employees’ personality types, you can work cleverly with your team to help ensure everyone is comfortable and performing at their best. Keep in mind there are some personality types that can totally wreck your company culture.

Strive For Diversity

The research completed to date has proven that a more diverse group of people work better together in a workplace and will usually yield better performance results. You may start this growth prediction as a New Years resolution. Aside from just that, there are countless reasons why a diverse workforce is a good thing. When you’re able to use a test to identify different types of people, it’s easier to use this to your advantage to piece together the perfect team, like a puzzle of your very own.

As you can tell, there are loads of ways that a simple personality test can benefit you, your staff and your company as a whole. With this, you can cope difficult person at work. Try to include a test as part of the onboarding process, or even as part of the interview process if you’re interested in knowing someone’s personality type before hiring them! This is a small and affordable step to take that can yield amazing results for your business.

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