How Personalized Business Pens Can Increase Your Customer Base

Personalized business pens offer many benefits when used as part of a marketing strategy. Marketing professionals should consider using them if they want to increase awareness of their business. Whether you are working for a new Starbucks franchise or a local retail shop, personalized business pens can enhance your ROI. They help you reach a large amount of people for little investment. They spread your advertisements to people who you might not reach. You can use these benefits to help you reach prospects that might not have known about your business otherwise. Continue reading to learn how personalized business pens can increase your customer base effectively.


Personalized business pens are a very affordable way to promote your business. You can buy thousands of pens at a low cost. Think of the pens as miniature ads that you give away to prospective customers. You can offer them at public events to increase awareness. Use the pens in your business and offer them to clients when they come in for meetings. Consumers of all kinds appreciate personalized pens because they are highly functional giveaway items. Purchase personalized business pens to gain a lot of exposure for a relatively small investment.


A pen’s usefulness increases the amount of time someone spends with your advertisement. Your prospects likely find pens useful. If you leave pens out on the front desk of your business people will take them. Because of their usefulness, they will hold on to them for a long time. The benefits of potential prospects taking your advertisements willingly and holding onto them for as long as possible cannot be overstated. By handing out pens with your business name and/or logo, you improve how customers view your brand. Some marketing teams even include business slogans on their custom pens. Either way, consumers will think of your company as one that considers the needs and wants of their consumers. For this reason, you will increase your customer base with personalized business pens.

Free Advertising

Another reason that personalized business pens boost customer bases is through free advertising. Pens tend to travel from owner to owner. At trade shows, individuals take free pens and end up lending them to their co-workers later in the day. To improve your advertising at trade shows even more, consider utilizing the top B2B promotions ideas. When one of your custom pens leaves your company’s booth at an event, it will likely reach the hands of two other consumers by the end of that day. Hence, personalized business pens provide free advertising to multiple consumers in just one day.

Range Of Styles

Personalized business pens come in a variety of styles. Thus, marketing professionals have more customization options. Consider your target audience when designing your pens. If your audience consists of modern individuals, opt for clickable pens. Perhaps you think your customers would rather have pens with caps. After all, professionals enjoy capped pens because they are less likely to tarnish their work bags. If your brand focuses on luxury, you can purchase more upscale pens to represent your business. They can be customized with colors found in your business’s logo. You can benefit by choosing the right type of pen that best advertises your business.


Finally, pens are highly visible advertisements, making personalized business pens great marketing tools. With every pen, you are advertising to prospects multiple times a day, for as long as the pen is useful. This increases your number of potential customers. Anyone who uses the pen to write something down is now a prospect. This form of highly visible ads benefits your business by reminding people about your products numerous times without feeling intrusive. To ensure that you produce visually pleasing pens, work with the colors of your company. If an ice cream business wants to reach new customers, they need to use vibrant colors on their pens. On the other hand, a law firm would not succeed in gaining new clients with brightly colored pens. Their clients prefer pens that are more professional-looking. Decide on a color scheme that accurately represents your company to create quality personalized business pens.

Take advantage of the benefits of personalized business pens as part of your marketing strategy. They are affordable enough to be bought by the thousands and given away to increase awareness of your business. Potential customers will simply take them if you leave them out because they are so useful. They are often lent around, increasing your marketing’s reach. You can customize them to perfectly fit your business’s brand. They are highly visible and used multiple times throughout the day by multiple people. These benefits are why you should make personalized business pens part of your marketing strategy.

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