5 Top Phosphate And Lithium Stocks To Buy Now

There are various top phosphate and lithium stocks to buy now. Investment opportunities with lithium and phosphate have become increasingly popular. Phosphate and lithium are vital components in many tech based products, such as rechargeable batteries. These batteries power portable devices for both smartphones and tablets. Also, the batteries are being used to power electric vehicles like cars and scooters. As an investor, you should invest in lithium and phosphate as electric cars, power docks and smartphones are in extreme demand. Here are the top phosphate and lithium stocks to buy now.

Lithium Production Stocks

First, lithium production stocks now. The companies supported by this stock are exploring lithium deposits. Over the past year, the firm reported -0.16 earnings per share. They just missed the market estimate by $0.08. However, cash and cash equivalents were above $500 million by the end of the first quarter. Then, the firm expanded and started work on a lithium production project in Argentina. This resulted in over a 2% jump in the share price. The current leading shareholder has over 800,000 shares equaling over $13 million. Certainly, invest in lithium production stocks now as there are high levels of demand in mining for these chemicals.

Lithium Marketing Stocks

Next, consider wealth investments in lithium marketing stocks. These stocks focus on the development, marketing and engineering aspects of the lithium chemical. As the lithium demand is on the rise, the company is expanding their production capacity. The firm is going to spend about $1.5 billion over the next couple of years on lithium projects in Australia, Nevada and China. Furthermore, their first quarter earnings were over $800 million, growing more than 12% on a year-over-year (YOY) basis. The lithium revenue was over $270 million, with an 18% growth YOY. The stock is growing healthy and will continue expanding. Of course, lithium marketing stocks are a great investment now. 

Lithium-Phosphate Battery Stocks

Certainly, you should invest in lithium-phosphate battery stocks. Many major electric vehicle companies also sell solar energy generation and storage options. These stocks currently trade at over $650 and in the last year, have been up by more than 300%. In its first quarter, the net income was over $400 million with more than a 2,000% increase YOY. Their total revenue was over $10 billion with an increase of 74% YOY. Furthermore, the quarter ended with cash and cash equivalents equaling over $17 billion. Certainly, consider investing in electric vehicles and lithium-phosphate battery stocks.

Lithium Mining Stocks

Definitely consider investing in lithium mining stocks. The fair market value is around $100. Therefore, there’s a ton of room for growth as an investor. Over the last year, they have raise over 1 million new shares which temporarily repressed share prices. Then, they raised over $140 million as a company. With a cash burn rate of over $10 millions, they have the resources to continue growing. In fact, they have an agreement with a top electric car company to supply more than 50,000 tons of spodumene concentrate annually. Spodumene concentrate consists of lithium aluminum silicate. Certainly invest in lithium mining stocks as they have a great long-term potential.

Renewable Energy Lithium Resource Stocks

Finally, consider investing in renewable energy lithium resource stocks now. This penny stock is public but unlisted on the stock exchange. Therefore, to invest in this stock, you have to do so through an intermediary. Additionally, you can trade online. This company has recently partnered with a top automotive manufacturer. The automotive manufacturer has multi-million dollar investments with California’s “Hell’s Kitchen”. It was the first company to invest and has first dibs on producing lithium. The collaboration between businesses can highly impact the stock price. With a successful 25 years of developing and managing renewable energy products, the partnership is projected to be very successful. Surely, you may want to invest in renewable energy lithium resource stocks now.

There are several top phosphate and lithium stocks to buy now. Invest in lithium production stocks because they are growing and expanding lithium production across the globe. Next, invest in lithium marketing stocks as they are expanding to China, Australia and Nevada while continuously growing YOY. Certainly invest in lithium-phosphate battery stocks as they are attached to the top electric vehicle company. Additionally, invest in lithium mining stocks as they are producing lithium for all battery powered products and are working with the most popular smart car business. Finally, invest in renewable energy lithium resource stocks because a new partnership is on route to increase stock prices. These are the top phosphate and lithium stocks to buy now.

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