Exclusive Pinterest Business Benefits For Much Needed Inspiration

When it comes to business, Pinterest seems to be the forgotten stepchild of the social networking platforms. Unfortunately, this is seriously costing your business. There are a ton of opportunities for Pinterest to benefit your company for more than just marketing. You just need to know how to use the platform to its fullest potential. Find out the advantages of using Pinterest business accounts below.

Largest Traffic Drivers

Pinterest is one of the largest traffic drivers in the world. Surprised? They are also the fastest growing platform. This means that while internet users are fleeing Facebook in droves, they are probably heading over and creating a Pinterest account. Regardless of where users come from or why, it provides your business with the widest possible audience. With a single post on Pinterest, you can reach more people than you would on Twitter or similar leading social networks. This is an incredible benefit for small business owners with an otherwise limited audience.

More Effective

In addition to being one of the largest online audiences, it is also one of the most effective. In fact, Pinterest business accounts experience better conversion rates than they do on similar platforms, like Twitter or even Facebook. Both sales conversion and CTR are higher on the platform. This is true regardless of whether you own a business consulting firm or an IT services business. If you are trying to boost online sales for your business, a business Pinterest account can help you do that way more effectively than other social media for business.


If you are looking for office decor inspiration after buying office space or just some business operations ideas, Pinterest should be your go to. Pinterest business accounts have access to the same features as traditional Pinterest users. This allows you to browse through seemingly limitless pins from other businesses and private users alike. There is not better resources for gathering ideas and finding inspiration. This can benefit your business operations in literally any way you need it to. If you can think of it, there is probably a pin for it to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Brand Awareness

Pinterest business is the perfect venue to increase brand awareness and build brand reputation. This social media platform allows you to personalize your business page considerably more than similar sites. That is why it could be extremely beneficial for small businesses or business owner just starting out. If you need to establish an online presence for business and build brand awareness and reputation, Pinterest will be greatly beneficial to you.

Price Alerts

Pinterest business accounts allow you access to price alerts features. This feature is entirely unique to Pinterest. It is not offered by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar. This is a huge benefit to capitalize on. When you list priced products on Pinterest, it alerts Pinterest users who have pinned your product to any price changes. Obviously, this can be hugely beneficial for sales. It also helps improve brand recognition. Consumers are far less likely to forget about your brand when they are getting alerts every time a price drops. If you want to benefit from tools that allow you to automatically send price alerts to interested consumers, Pinterest business is the only platform that provides this advantage.

If you are a business owner, do not let the advantages of Pinterest business accounts slip through the cracks. Pinterest is arguably one of the best social media sites for business owners to take advantage of. In fact, it provides a ton of benefits that are not offered by some of the other top social networks. It also provides the business intelligence features you expect from social media marketing tools. Keep this in mind. Then, be sure to create a business Pinterest account to start experiencing all these incredible benefits.

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