The 5 Things You Want To See From Your Pittsburgh Workplace Injury Lawyer

All kinds of injuries can befall you in the workplace. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residents know that as well as anyone else. If you hurt yourself while at work in Pittsburgh, you might decide that you need a lawyer to represent you. This often happens if your workplace does not have a commercial liability insurance policy that will cover your injuries. You might not be sure about what you’ll want to see from your Pittsburgh injury attorney, though. There are a few qualities they should have, and we’ll cover those right now.

They Should Know The Law Very Well

The initial thing you should realize is that workplace deaths happen in the Pittsburgh area disturbingly frequently. In 2019, Pennsylvania saw 154 fatal workplace accidents. There were many more injuries than that. The lawyer you want if you suffer a workplace injury in Pittsburgh is someone who knows about all the worker protection laws that exist. There are all kinds of lawyers, and you don’t want to go with someone who is only barely familiar with what workplace protections exist. You can talk to any lawyer you’re thinking about using about that. If they don’t know very much about workplace law, they should readily admit it so you can go with someone else.

They Should Have Enough Time To Dedicate To Your Case

If you do seek out a lawyer and decide to sue your company because they’re not caring for you after your accident like they should be, you want the attorney you find to have enough time for you. Some lawyers are in very high demand. The best ones often have to pick and choose between potential clients because there’s never any work shortage for them.

An excellent reputation in the industry is what leads to this. You might find what you feel is the best lawyer to represent your case online, but then, once you reach out to them, you come to understand that they’re swamped with a client backlog. You may want this individual, but if they don’t seem to have enough time to dedicate to your case, you will have little choice but to move on. You have to take legal action expediently, and you don’t want to wait months or even years till this one lawyer is free to help you. Certainly, this is a core business legal factor to consider when launching your company.

They Should Be A Bulldog

You want a lawyer that has bulldog qualities. This is a professional who will not back down from a fight when your modern workplace brings in their legal team to represent them. Your lawyer should be willing and ready to fight for you, either in court, during a deposition, or at any other time. This whole process might intimidate you, and you want someone who will give you the best advice throughout the ordeal and who also won’t feel nervous if they do have to appear in court and argue on your behalf in front of a jury.

They Should Be Close Enough For You To Reach Them

We’re living in an age where you might hire someone without ever meeting them face-to-face. Online interviews are more common than ever with the pandemic going on. However, you must be close enough to your lawyer that you should be able to go see them in person if you need to do so. You can certainly talk to them through business phone services, via email, and through text messages, but you still want to be able to drive or otherwise get to their office if you have something confidential to discuss with them. If you find the right lawyer, but they’re more than an hour’s drive away, you’ll probably want to choose someone else. For a Pittsburgh lawsuit, you want someone based in or around the city.

They Should Charge You A Reasonable Amount

The attorney’s retainer fee is a factor as well. You might feel like you found the perfect person, but if they charge an exorbitant rate that you could never afford in your life, that’s not going to help you much. You should talk to your potential lawyer about money before you get any further along in the process. You should see if they will accept cash on a contingency basis or whether they insist on you paying upfront. If they want cash in advance, that might be enough for you to find someone else. Cash upfront in a lawsuit means you might be in worse financial shape afterward than you were before.

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