Planning, Packing And Parking: Business Travel Apps To Simplify Every Aspect Of Your Trip

Nobody ever said that business travel was unlimited fun. It has its good points, of course. But it also has some bad ones, from the moment you know your destination to the moment you throw yourself thankfully into your own bed at last. Or, if you get ripped off on the 1 AUD to 1 USD exchange rate. Apps can’t take away all the aggravation, but they can certainly help.


The master of planning your business trip is Tripit. It gathers together all the confirmation emails for your different bookings and presents them to you as a single itinerary. It alerts you to any changes in flight information, automatically shares your itinerary with anyone you choose and recommends appropriate accommodation and eating places. Many travelers would not manage without it.

When planning what goes into your suitcase, or when deciding what to wear when you step outside your hotel, you need an Android weather app, such as this from Apalon. The last thing you want is to arrive at a venue soaking wet, whether it is from rain or sweat, so be prepared by knowing what to expect.

On the Move

Finding the best flight is always a bit of a headache. Skyscanner has a collection of apps to help you compare the routes and carriers, and then to add car rental and accommodation. It is especially useful if you need to make last minute changes to your business travel plans.

You probably know your local airport well enough, but you can save time and frustration by getting advance information about the layout of the airports you will arrive at or pass through. GateGuru can identify the airports you need from your Tripit app, and give you a plan of the gates, shopping and rest areas, and even keep you informed of the security wait times.

If you are driving in a strange place, it can be a nightmare finding the right place to park. Best Parking is confined to US cities but if you have to visit any of them, it can really help you to find the best and cheapest spots.

Business Basics

Everyone knows that keeping track of your expenses is a constant headache. Concur is the chosen app for many travelers to do just that. You can photograph your receipts, add new expenses with a few taps, import expenses from your credit card statement, and prepare claims for your accounts department, all in one app.

When you are on the move, you never know which contacts you will need to look after. Circleback maintains a contact list, removing duplicates and keeping details updated. It can even scan a business card and add the relevant details to your list.

Making Business Travel Bearable

Traveling for business is hard work. After the initial excitement wears off, it can be exhausting. But whatever strides forward are made in video linking, for the foreseeable future there will be an essential place for the business traveler. With a little help from the many apps available, you can make it a satisfying experience for yourself and for your business.

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