5 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring Sales Reps For Your Company

The process for screening and interviewing sales reps is frequently extremely different than that of traditional employees. As a business owner, you know that successful salespeople require more than the experience and education requirements. When interviewing a salesperson, you must address their personality, ability to connect with others, and eventually close deals. To find the right person, make your interview process more thorough. The best way to do this is by asking a variety of unique questions on a variety of issues and traits. Asking a variety of questions helps to guarantee you are hiring the right employee. Continue reading this post to learn the essential questions to ask when hiring sales reps for your company.

Organizational Fit

The first set of questions concern the candidates organizational fit. Simply put, why a particular candidate is interested in the position and working for your company. Ask why they believe your company is the best fit for them professionally. Ask this question to understand the clients orientation of their values, goals, strengths, and beliefs. Analyze if their personal values and beliefs align with those of your company. Look for a response that demonstrates a candidate’s actual understanding of your company’s mission. Moreover, the ideal response should reflect a cooperative group mentality. This response speaks to a candidate’s desire to work together and help others. Ensure you ask questions about the applicant’s desired organizational fit.

Soft Skills

Ask questions that test a candidates soft skills. Soft skills, or largely defining personality skills and traits, are crucial to the successful performance of salespeople. Soft skill questions are generally more creative interview questions to ask job candidates. These allow salespeople to build relationships, excite clients, and eventually close deals. In questioning soft skills, focus questions around the overall sales process. For example, ask them to define the most important traits of a successful sales rep. Look for qualities that align with those of your desired sales representative. Ensure they provide a number of traits that thoroughly depict their personality and tactics. Look for applicants seeking to engage in integrative, or relationship-based sales negotiations. Avoid candidates whose idea of successful negotiations revolves around win-loss conclusions. Utilize questions that test a candidate’s soft skills throughout interviewing.

Previous Experience

Additionally ask questions about a candidates previous experience. While personal performance is often more important than education and experience for salespeople, these questions still hold significant value. For example, salespeople who have a college background appear more knowledgeable to prospects. Whereas sales reps with industry experience appear to be more knowledgeable in the products they offer. To effectively gauge previous experience, ask an applicant to describe a time they closed a deal that was difficult to do. In addition, ask them to list tactics that have helped them build relationships and establish trust. The ideal candidates answers should convey unique strategies. Look for candidates that will bring successful ideas and strategies to your company, rather than follow already successful industry methods. Question a prospective sales representatives previous experience during an interview.

Handle Loss

It is additionally important to ask questions about how the candidate handles loss. Unfortunately, loss and rejection is part of any sales representatives job. The ideal candidate is aware of this and is able to move past bad negotiations. Assure that prospective clients will not give up or be discouraged by ordinary rejections. To understand how they handle loss ask a candidate how they move past rejection, or get themselves out of a losing cycle. Being an unfortunate part of the job, their answer speaks a lot to their overall sales process. Ask questions about how prospective employees handle loss.

Technical Skills

Ask a set of questions to test the applicant’s technical skills. These questions estimate the candidates’ performance in actual sales negotiations. Ask questions that address the candidates overall industry knowledge and research. For example, ask them to walk you through their personal sales process. Look for a process that is well-described and crafted in order to obtain successful results every time. Create mock negotiations to observe the applicant’s sales pitch in real time. Is their performance engaging and memorable, does it encourage relationships to be built, or trust to be developed? By asking this question in the midst of the interview process, you additionally assess the applicant’s readiness and preparedness. Assure you question an applicants overall technical skills during the interview process.

The process for hiring a sales representative is often different from a traditional employee. Sales representatives must have an extremely personable, sophisticated, and knowledgeable presence. In order to test this, ask potential candidates a series of interview questions. First, ask about their fit within your organization. Next, question their soft skills. Ask questions about their previous experience or educational history. Develop a set of questions about how they have handled loss in the past. Furthermore, ask a candidate about their overall technical skills. Before you begin your interview process read about these essential questions to ask when hiring sales reps for your company.

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