How To Create A Better Relationship With Your Staff

A relationship between staff members is important, but having a relationship between the staff member and employer is essential. Knowing how your staff is feeling and how they are doing in their role will contribute to the company’s success over time. No matter how big a company gets, there should always be an effort to build relationships with staff members. So, here’s how to create a better relationship with your staff.

Conduct Regular 1-2-1 Sessions

Being able to keep an eye on your staff at all times isn’t easy, and as your staff load increases, it becomes harder. Managers and HODs should be making an effort to catch up with staff members regularly, and this can usually be done effectively with regular 1-2-1 sessions. These short meetings that can happen on a weekly or monthly basis are just a good way of checking in and ensuring that they are happy in the role, happy with the progress that they’re making and that most importantly, their mental health is doing well. This is essential when it comes to work productivity because if they’re struggling emotionally, their work is going to be affected. Use this tactic to start building relationships with your employees.

Give Them The Opportunity Of Training

As with any business, training can be essential if you want to help build up your staff’s skill sets and to work on the areas that need attention. There’s always going to be something that needs improving when it comes to a business. Even the most successful aren’t perfect. Depending on the training needed, this additional support can be great for staff to notice that as a company, it cares for the future of its employees. It’s not considering them as merely another number. Instead, it’s looking at what training sessions and types of training or workshops that would be beneficial for that individual. If you’re wondering what type of business training you should be offering, discuss it with your HODs and take suggestions at staff meetings. You may be missing out on valuable areas of training that only your staff will really know about.

Set Achievable Expectations

A lot of anger and frustration from staff can usually come from the expectations that those higher up are trying to set. It might be daily work expectations or goals that have been in place both on a financial level but also perhaps to do with any current projects or campaigns that are being worked on by that staff member. Remember that we only have so many hours within the day. If you can’t see yourself achieving that goal within the time-frame, then it’s unlikely that anyone else will. Setting achievable expectations means that more work is likely to get done. It’s when you create goals that are unachievable, that’s where things can go wrong and can actually hinder the work that your staff is doing. This method works well for establishing relationships between manager and employees.

Support Your Staff

If your employees are struggling, don’t ignore that need for support. It will only cause tension in relationships between yourself and the staff members. As someone who works for the business, it’s important to feel supported and protected by the company you work for. If not, then there’s likely going to be very little respect that the staff has for the company. How can you expect staff to support the company in its hour of need when the organization doesn’t give the same in return. Offer the support where you can and listen to their concerns if they have any about the amount of work they’re taking on or regarding the project they are working on. Give as much as you can so that the staff member can do their best.

Offer Perks Where Possible

A lot of businesses offer their staff members a variety of perks that can come with the job. That might be commission, bonuses, or time in lieu that they can take off in addition to their annual leave. Discounted gym memberships and access to private healthcare might also be two perks that are worth dishing out. Consider offering 401K benefits for employees as well. Staff will work harder, the more you reward them with perks and benefits, so offer what you can.

A better relationship with your staff is only going to help, so offer support, train them well and treat them with respect.

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