6 Executive Career Positions For Stay At Home Moms That Pay Well

Stay at home moms often have trouble finding jobs that allow them to use their knowledge and skills from the comfort of their own homes. More so, they struggle to discover positions that pay enough. These moms need high-paying remote executive jobs that allow them to stay home with their children and earn a living simultaneously. As a stay at home mom on the look for such a job, you may need some guidance to choose the best one available. Keep reading this post to discover the top high-paying remote executive jobs for stay at home moms.

Data Entry Specialist

Careers as a data entry specialist are one of the most popular executive jobs amongst stay at home employees. Data entry positions are extremely flexible, making them an ideal option for busy, stay at home moms. In order to succeed as a data entry specialist, you must have strong attention to detail, computing skills, time management, and keyboarding abilities. Entry specialists serve as the link between paper information and computer data. They input data like reports, checks, bills, contracts, or agreements into online filing systems. At the same time, they analyze information to guarantee its accuracy, validity, and compliance. Remote stay at home moms can easily find high-paying, executive positions as a data entry specialist.

Strategic Account Associate

One of the best options for stay at home moms is a strategic account associate. This remote executive job is perfect for stay at home moms who have great interpersonal and social skills. If you believe that you have the right tactics to efficiently promote sales and converse with key clients, this may be a good fit for you. In addition to keeping you busy and allowing you to exercise your skills, you can earn a decent income a strategic account associate from the comfort of your own home. For these reasons, keep this remote executive job for stay at home moms in mind during your search.

Chief Financial Officer

Many stay at home moms also apply for remote chief financial officer positions. This type of job is perfect for stay at home moms with experience working in the finance field. If you have a finance degree, you can excel in this position. Your job would consist of evaluating financial performance. Then, you would offer recommendations based on the results of your evaluations. Keep in mind that most companies also require candidates to have their CPA in order to qualify. If you meet this qualifications or have the time to earn them while also fulfilling your stay at home mom duties, this is a great, high-paying remote executive job for you.

Corporate Recruiter

Furthermore, consider applying for remote corporate recruiter positions. This executive position often comes in part-time, which is great for stay at home moms. If you are not ready to take the leap into working full-time after having a child, you can earn a substantial income without putting in an 8 hour work day. However, this executive position is by no means easy, even as a remote, part-time job. If you were previously a career recruiter or took on HR positions of any kind, you will have an advantage. Corporate recruiter tasks include supporting recruiting activities for a variety of positions. These recruiters screen applicants, conduct phone interviews and schedule second round interviews with HR managers. Consider applying for this remote executive job to increase your household income.

Regional Vice President Sales

Another good option for stay at home moms in need of a remote executive job that can pay the bills is a regional vice president of sales position. The best candidates for this position have experience working in the sales world. They know how to engage with prospective customers and sell any product or service. In addition to having sales experience, you also need to have experience as a leader in the sales force. If you have this type of experience along with a bachelor’s degree in a related field, you can excel at this remote executive job.

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Furthermore, keep your eye out for remote senior digital marketing executive job openings. This position allows stay at home moms to use their creativity to earn a profit. In order to qualify, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. However, most employers prefer candidates who have their master’s degrees in marketing. They also look for applicants who have experience coming up with digital marketing plans and successfully executing those plans. They also expect new hires to build social media presences and continue to grow them across various platforms. Learn the top remote team management strategies to impress employers further. If you meet the requirements for a remote senior digital marketing executive job listing, do not hesitate to apply. This executive job is both remote and perfect for stay at home moms in need of extra cash flow.

Stay at home moms often struggle to find the best remote work. If you are struggling, search for strategic account associate openings. Consider applying for chief financial officer positions if you have experience in the finance field. Corporate recruiters and regional vice president sales positions also pay well and offer remote options. Finally, put your creativity and marketing skills to use in a senior digital marketing executive position. Keep these remote executive jobs for stay at home moms in mind to increase your household income from home.

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