4 Remote Working And Learning Tips You Need To Be Productive

Long before COVID-19 struck in 2020, workers and students were beginning to spend more time working remotely. Employers and educational leaders increasingly recognize the benefits of moving toward a remote workforce and student body, to varying degrees. According to Forbes, benefits include reducing stress, saving money in commuting and overcome work from home distractions. Even with all the benefits of studying or working remotely, there are some tips everyone can use to enjoy more success outside of conventional work and educational environments. Here are four tips for you to consider for a better remote work or study experience.

Stay Connected To Employers, Co-Workers And Fellow Students

It’s easy to feel isolated from people at work or school when working from home. Fortunately, you have many digital options for maintaining communications with your employer, co-workers, teachers and other students. If your employer or school administrators haven’t set up a designated check-in time, ask them if it’s okay if you occasionally pop in with questions or concerns. Create a buddy system with co-workers or classmates to take brief phone or video chat breaks.

Additionally, be proactive on your communication channels. Especially when working within a team, chat systems, email and phone calls should be answered quickly. This will keep you in touch with events as they are happening. Additionally, it allows you to share information or get questions answered quickly when you need some help.

Track Work And Study Productivity

If you don’t find a way to monitor and track your own productivity effectively, you might find yourself becoming increasingly distracted and falling behind in your work. You can remain as productive at home as you are at work, but it takes diligence and maybe some productivity-based tools and strategies. Here are a few ideas to help you track your work:

Create a handwritten to-do list on a sheet of paper or a post-it you place at eye level, developing a strategy to tick things off as you go. Download specific productivity mobile apps and computer software programs, such as Slack, or video conference tools like Zoom, to stay on track for success.

Protect Your Devices And Identity While Online

Making connections with work or school is a vital aspect of telecommuting. You need to use your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet to communicate and perform your tasks. Hackers are well aware that there are scores of people setting up workstations at home, trying to find ways to exploit your new work or study circumstances. While your employer or school’s IT team might help protect your tech to some degree, you need to go above and beyond by investing in device and identity protection. Companies like Lifelock offer a range of security features, including:

  • Real-time threat protection
  • Secure small business VPN
  • Password managing
  • Credit monitoring
  • SafeCam

There is no question of how crucial it is to protect your information while online. Hackers stay up to date on technology innovations and trends, and they use everything they can imagine or invent to access your private data or system. With the best online protection, you can defend yourself and frustrate hackers in the process.

Invest In Focus-Related Tools

While many workers and students can focus more at home, most people do have some distractions they need to drown out. For instance, if you have neighbors with a dog that barks all the time or another that plays loud music throughout the day, you might need to buy noise-canceling headphones. A few other investments you might make include a high-quality chair and an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Of course, there is plenty of additional equipment needed to achieve the most productive, best office layout for a small business.

Additionally, you should invest in time tracking tools that will allow you to focus while at home. To minimize work from home distractions, you can use a daily log, task tracker or project management system. This way, you can keep yourself focused on priorities, collaborate with team members and continue to manage your life at home. Certainly, time management tools will help you stay focused and productive, especially during working hours.

Staying Safe, Comfortable And Connected Enhance Remote Productivity

If you are new to remote working, you might still worry about staying productive and keeping your employer or instructor happy with your performance. If so, these tips might help you get your equilibrium and feel better about it all. Technology that helps you stay connected and focused, productivity tools to keep you on-target for hitting deadlines and online security measures will help you find success without worry.

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