What DBA Business Requirements Are Needed For New Names

A DBA business, short for “Doing Business As”, uses a name that is different than the legal entity name or personal name of the business owner. When starting a new company, you have many options for picking a business structure. Like many brands of the world, you can choose from sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and corporations. Uniquely, these entities can all make use of a DBA business. Entrepreneurs should consider establishing a DBA business to have a operating business name that differs from the legal entity. To learn more about starting a DBA, we explain the requirements you will have to meet.

Good Business Name Ideas For Your Brand

Firstly, a DBA business requires a good name for your operating activities. Start by coming up with good business name ideas. Depending on the industry in which you operate, you can choose a name that is specific to the business. For example, you start a carpet cleaning business and name it “Luke’s Carpet Service”. This name would be industry specific and communicate exactly what the company does. On the other hand, the brand name can be limiting if you would like to expand into other lines of work like the property management business. To get started, you will need a name for the new DBA business.

Know What Business Structure You Want

Business owners should have a clear business structure that they want to have for their DBA business. There are many factors that go into structuring a business entity, including costs, taxes and liability protection. Commonly, individuals will create a DBA business for a sole proprietorship. You simply use a business name when you are conducting the business yourself. Thus, the DBA certificate should show as “Your Personal Name” DBA “Your Business Name”. This identifies who is actually operating the business. Depending on the type of business structure you plan to setup, the a doing business as certificate should be used accordingly.

A Brand Division For Your New LLC Business

Using your DBA business with an LLC, you could create a new brand or division for the business name. You might have a car repair business. However, you would like to get more tire customers. Thus, you use your existing limited liability company to “do business as” a new brand. In this case, the new brand name may represent something in the tire business or industry. You should think about how the brand name would perform on ad campaigns to draw in more customers. This would allow you to create a new brand or division to take on more work for the business overall.

DBA Application At Your Local County Office

Once you have your name and business structure figured out, it’s time to fill out the application. There are many third party services that will help you with the DBA application filing and publishing your DBA business name. It is just as easy to obtain the application from your local county office. Typically, the county clerk’s office will have all the forms required to start a DBA business. You can simply download the forms online or pick them up at the county office. Certainly, the appropriate documentation is an essential requirement for DBAs.

Check For State DBA Requirements

Since DBA rules and regulations are managed at the local levels, some DBA registrations require state-level filings. You should follow all the laws outlined by your local government to remain compliant. In certain states, the DBA must be published publicly. Then, the proof of publication needs to be submitted to the appropriate state agency. In most cases, the DBA business requirement can be met by following the instructions when getting started. Make sure you follow the local and state level requirements.

When starting a DBA business, there are many requirements you will need. Start with the DBA name that you would like to choose. The decide the type of business structure you plan to use. If you are using an existing company, think about what brand or division would use the DBA business. Then, register the DBA business at your county office and check for any additional state obligations. With these DBA requirements, you can get your new business name off the ground and into the market.

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