5 Research And Development Project Examples For Small Businesses

There are several research and development project examples for small businesses. Today, the global investment in research and development (R&D) is worth over $2 trillion. In fact, companies ranging from big tech to automotive invest more than 15 percent of their earnings each year. As a business owner, you should learn about different R&D projects that many government and academic officials complete yearly. This way, you can generate your own innovative ideas to provide consumers with new products and services. Read on to discover different research and development project examples for small businesses.

Wearable Technology

First, wearable technology is a research and development project example for your small business. This R&D project is great for app developers who need data and insights on how active average users are throughout the day. Indeed, you can build fitness trackers to monitor your wearers’ temperature, movement and heart rates in real time. In addition, build an application that automatically uploads the data for quick viewing by both your researchers and users. With these live data visualizations, users can also generate real insights regarding their experience and daily activities. After all, starting a fitness training business is not a bad idea to help others improve their health. Surely, your small business can create wearable technology as an R&D project, for example.

Emergency Planning Software

Next, another example of a research and development project for your small business is emergency planning software. This R&D project is great for emergency teams and first responders who need to plan for and prevent a crisis. During this project, you should invest in a SaaS-mode development software portal to create your plans. In addition, consider a dedicated software platform over a traditional text processor, like Microsoft. Once you’re ready to add features, you should opt for multi-lingual accessibility. You can also include 24/7 access in your software so users can reach emergency services anytime. Of course, emergency planning software is another research and development project example.

Biometric Authentication Systems

In addition, another example of research and development projects is a biometric authentication system. Since biometrics can prevent hackers and unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information, this R&D project is great for the financial industry. Indeed, you can create a desktop or mobile application that uses fingerprints for authentication. Since every user has a unique fingerprint, you should design your program to save only one per person. This way, only the sole authorized user can access the software or machine for a more secure form of entry. For example, you can build a fingerprint-based ATM system. With these systems, users can access their bank accounts to deposit money or make withdrawals without an ATM card. In fact, even advanced technology like cloud based POS systems utilize biometric authentication to secure their platform. In short, biometric authentication systems are another example of research and development projects you can complete.

Pharmaceutical Research Projects

Also, pharmaceuticals are excellent research and development project examples for small businesses. Research common illnesses that affect millions of people each year. Then, start developing a smart drug that can help diagnosed patients. For example, millions of people have lung cancer in the United States. With the proper pharmaceutical research, you can put together a team, analyze medical data, and propose lifesaving solutions. To accelerate development, you can partner with another research team. Afterwards, your companies can begin experimental tests to get your smart drugs approved for hospital use. This way, you can improve patient lives, and reduce costs associated with public healthcare. Certainly, pharmaceuticals are remarkable research and development project examples as a small company.

Environmental Projects

Furthermore, environmental projects are another type of research and development example for small businesses. Conduct research on the environment to identify problems and brainstorm solutions. For example, you could develop hydrogen, provide solar energy, or wind mills as a green energy alternative. Then, you could allocate funding to develop eco-friendly prototypes for both large corporations and average homeowners. Over time, you can improve and optimize the products to make a positive environmental impact. Of course, environmental projects are great research and development examples as a small business.

There are various research and development project examples for small businesses. First, app developers can build wearable technology to track user fitness data. Next, first responder teams can use emergency software to track and prevent a crisis. In addition, you can build biometric authentication systems so users can use a fingerprint to access accounts. You can also develop pharmaceutical projects to treat different cancers with minimal side effects. Furthermore, scientists can use environmental projects to build green technology and promote sustainable living standards. These are different research and development project examples for small businesses.

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