5 Best Restaurant Video Ads Ideas To Create On Your Own

Doing online business will help your business grow. There are many restaurant video ad ideas that you can create on your own. Customers are using digital means to discover new places now more than ever. The availability of ad space on social media platforms has opened up the opportunity for smaller restaurants to compete with larger franchises who have long spent heavily on marketing. As a restaurant owner, you know how important it is to have great digital content like videos. Read on to learn the best restaurant video ad ideas to create on your own.

Ingredient Focused Ads

To begin, ingredient focused marketing for your restaurant are a great idea. Use eye-catching imagery of a dish your restaurant sells. Today’s customers prefer preservative-free ingredients. Businesses have even shown their product produce mold over time to highlight ingredients’ natural qualities. A cleverly planned ad can highlight the organic preservative free nature of your ingredients. Highlight any ingredients that make your restaurant unique. Surely, a carefully crafted video with a focus on natural ingredients will encourage customers to dine at your restaurant.

Pro-Vegetarian Ads

Secondly, create a pro-vegetarian video ad on your own. Worldwide, there are restaurants focused on creating only vegan or vegetarian dishes. Be creative with your ad and highlight the humane aspects of consuming a vegetarian dish. Feature a member of the animal kingdom in your video next to a dish made of only produce or other organic plant material. The emotional appeal to a consumer is a strong way to generate a loyal customer. Of course, if your restaurant offers options for meatless customers, a video ad is a great opportunity to highlight them.

Experience Based Ads

Next, an experience based ad is a great idea for a video ad you can create on your own. Combine the importance of food quality and experience with a video of a branded item that epitomizes your restaurant. Create a longer video for YouTube that highlights different aspects of the dining experience your restaurant offers. Write descriptive copy for your video’s voice-over that describes what sets your dining experience apart from others’. Use footage of past events to instill a sense of FOMO in your potential patron. In summary, create a video highlighting the dining experience your establishment offers on your own to attract customers.

Humorous Ads

To continue, use humor in a video you create on your own to appeal to clientele. Comedy is a great way to make an impact on someone viewing your video ad. Funny and short phrases like Wendy’s famous “Where’s the Beef?” commercial can stick in the minds of customers for an extensive time. Some have credited “Where’s the Beef” with an over 25% increase in revenue. Take time to brainstorm a clever statement that makes the viewer laugh. Definitely, create a funny video on your own to make one of the best ads for your restaurant.

Restaurant Showcase Ads

Finally, a great idea for a video to create on your own is a restaurant showcase ad. Shoot an engaging video showing your day to day operations. Depending on your restaurant, you have different opportunities to showcase your work processes. If you have an Italian restaurant, create a video showing how you make your tomato sauce. Compile video of your bartenders serving up signature drinks for customers or further highlight the customer experience by showing people having a great time in your establishment. In short, show what happens in your restaurant every day to make customers feel involved and engaged.

There are many ways to create the best video ads on your own for your restaurant. Firstly, create an ingredients focused ad highlighting the freshness of your food. Next, shoot a high-quality pro-vegetarian video that shows your restaurants animal-friendly approach. Third, an experience based ad focused on what makes your restaurant different from your competitors will bring in foot traffic. Further, make your customers laugh with a humorous ad to stick in the minds of potential clients. Finally, showcase some of the back of house operations at your restaurant to make customers feel involved in your process. To conclude, the above are the 5 best restaurant video ad ideas to create on your own.


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