Must Have Resume Template Features To Stand Out To Hiring Managers

Resume templates are incredibly helpful for job seekers trying to find a position in the expansive job market. They allow you a starting point to create the perfect resume that catches recruiters’ and hiring managers’ eyes. Find out what any resume template you consider needs to include. This way, you find the best resume template to wow potential employers.

Simple, Appealing Design

The best resume designs will feature a simple, appealing aesthetic. You do not want the resume design to take away attention from the actual content. After all, hiring managers will care more about what you can do, like the fact that you passed the CPA exam, than how pretty your resume is. But, you also want to be sure that although it will be minimalist, it will also be aesthetically pleasing. Simple, clean designs will help you identify the best resume templates to consider using when writing a resume.

Key Skills

Every resume template you consider needs to have a key skills feature. Resume designs should include key skills sections because it draws attention to your strengths. This is what recruiters are looking for when trying to match potential candidates to job openings. The key skills section should be featured prominently in all resume design templates you consider creating your resume with.

Bullet Points

Resume templates should feature candidate information in bullet-point format. This is much more appealing and readable for recruiters and hiring teams. It makes it easier for you to convey to them the most important details about previous work experiences and accomplishments, like your distance learning experience. It also makes their job of reading it much easier, which is sure to earn you brownie points with recruiters. That is why you need to look for a resume template that bullet points information so that you experience these benefits.

Personal Statement

A personal statement is a necessary part of a resume. Make sure your templates include it. The personal statement allows you a chance to talk directly to potential employers. You need to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to tell them what you are looking for and why you fit what they are looking for too. Keep this in mind and only consider resume template designs that feature a personal statement section.

Consistent Spacing

Resume designs should feature consistent spacing throughout. Consistent spacing will keep resume-viewers eyes on the important details. Otherwise, they may spend too much time being bothered by the irregularities to care to read the details about previous job positions. You want to focus their attention on the important info, like your job strengths. Do that by finding a resume template that uses consistent spacing throughout the document.

All job seekers should be working hard to create a resume that entices all employers so that they can start the onboarding process as soon as possible. Resume template designs can do that. But first, you need to know what you are looking for. Resumes will perform much better if they include the features detailed above. Be sure to pick a resume template that includes all the details mentioned above. This way, you will get hired before you know it.

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