Why RNR Tires Franchises Are Highly Profitable Business Ventures


RNR tires has been rolling out great services for its customers for a very long time. Their automotive franchise business has been blooming along with the industry. With a scale-able business models like theirs’, RNR tires franchise could be a profitable business venture for you. As you will see, the company’s franchise opportunities are equally as good as their services.

Starting A Tire Business

But before starting out, it will help to analyze the potential profitability of the business. According to tire industry experts, custom tires are part of a larger boom in the market. More simply, customization is quickly becoming an expected part of the consumer lifestyle. It is just the art of the deal. For the custom auto parts, tires and wheels are of the cheapest for consumers to change from stock to custom parts. With sleeker and flashier customizations being in demand, the custom tire industry is a great business to be in. So, if you have a passion for things that are fast and sexy, buying an RNR tire franchise might work for you. But, why RNR tires as a partner?

RNR Tires

RNR tires has been synonymous with custom tires ever since it started in 1999. Within a short span of time, the company grew to over 60 locations nation-wide. And, due to increasing demand that need to be met, RNR tires is planning to reach out to a broader market with more franchises. With its timeless products with completely personalized services, RNR has made sure that it remains a customer friendly company. Clearly, they could be a great choice to ensure customer satisfaction and referrals.

Moreover, RNR tires is also one of the top franchisers in the industry, providing pretty quality services and support for your business. The experienced tire franchise company provides online and on-site training via the RNR University. The extensive support offers marketing help with completely customized plans to suit your local area and ensure a broader reach to your market. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about being a newbie in the industry, because RNR tires will give you all that you would need to set smart goals and be successful.

RNR Tire Franchise Costs

How much will an RNR Tire franchise cost? This is an important consideration for potential franchisees. Currently, RNR requires franchisees to have at least $250,000 in liquid capital. On top of that, you must have a net worth of at least $350,000. Then, you will need to account for the $324,000 total investment requirement as well as the $35,000 franchise fee. These RNR tire franchise costs are not cheap. Make sure you are financially prepared if you hope to open a franchise.

What Does RNR mean?

RNR is known to have many meanings. It can be used for rest and relaxation. Others use it as an abbreviations for Rock N’ Roll and Read and Not Respond. However, for this tire franchise, RNR means RENT-AND-ROLL, alluding to the flexible payment options they offer to customers who are buying custom tires. Since these tires can be quite expensive, the concept of renting or paying over time can be highly attractive.

RNR tires is planning to expand their services and market reach. By joining the RNR tires franchise, you could also grow with the company. So, if you have a local area zeroed in, you can be the go-to-guy for customized tires. After all, it is a much easier market to break into than the SaaS business.

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