The Art Of The Deal Offers Useful Business Strategies For Entrepreneurs


Business owners from all walks of life are sure to have heard of “The Art of the Deal,” a business strategy book written in the eighties by Donald Trump with the help of Tony Schwartz. Decades later, this book is making a splash again now that the Donald has become the United States president-elect. Find out about the current controversy and the useful tips it has brought to the surface for entrepreneurs in 2016.

The Art Of The Deal Controversy

Of course, as is the case whenever a new person enters the political sphere, Donald Trump’s previous writings were brought to the surface on the campaign trail, alongside questions regarding his foray with Russia capital investments. The ghostwriter of his book, The Art of the Deal, made headlines by denouncing Trump. The ghostwriter, Tony Schwarz, came out against the Republican nominee, describing him as “impulsive” and “self-centered.” While Schwarz’s personal feelings can certainly be debated on both sides, the stir caused an explosion of sales for the almost 30 year old book. Keep reading to find out some of the most useful tips from the book.

Low-Balling Negotiations Work

Whenever you read an article about negotiation, one of the first things you read about is the harm of low balling. However, Trump’s book teaches business owners the opposite. In it, he cites a story about his G5; how his low ball offer of $5 million for an $18 million dollar jet scored him $8 million in savings. If there is one thing to learn from The Art of the Deal,” it is that a ridiculously low offer may not hurt your negotiation process at all, it may even present better results and savings.

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Throughout the book, Trump, or his ghostwriter Schwartz, describes many stories that can be easily summed up in one sentence. Where there is a will, there is a way. This is an important philosophy for every business owner to recognize the importance of. At times, Trump’s business practices may be questionable, and maybe even illegal. However, business fraud or not, they have resulted in making him a very prosperous man. We do not condone illegal or discriminatory business activity, but remember the business advice that is actually beneficial: do all you can to succeed, and if one way does not work, find a workaround for it.

Capitalizing On A Lucrative Opportunity

If there is one final thing we can learn from Trump’s shady business, it is this: it is crucial for business owners to know when to capitalize on their success. If you want to make a lot of money, be sure to capitalize on a great thing when you see it. Donald Trump did just this when he made a movie of the same name based off his best-selling book The Art of the Deal. If you want to experience similar success, make sure that you know when to take advantage of a great opportunity to earn money.

President-elect Donald Trump has done a staggering amount of business and negotiations in his lifetime. The Art of the Deal is the result of that work, offering a business strategy guide for entrepreneurs pining for success and luxury homes. The tips mentioned above are the best business advice covered in the book. If you own a business or are hoping to own one soon, follow Trump’s advice to reach success at all costs.

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