5 Top Sales Assessment Test Types for Aptitude Evaluation

There are many types of sales assessment tests that evaluate aptitude. As job markets become more competitive, many companies implement personality, skills, and behavioral evaluations into their interview processes. These assessments are often used to evaluate a candidate’s competencies in relation to those needed for a sales position. As an HR professional, evaluating applicant aptitude via the best test type for your business offers significant insights into candidate’s skills and behaviors. This way, applicants’ fit into company culture is evaluated in addition to sales skills. Read on to discover the top sales assessment test types for aptitude evaluation.

Communication Skills Assessment

Communication skills assessments highlight the verbal and written communication skills necessary for a sales position. Verbally, simply ask applicants to sell you on a hobby or product they enjoy recreationally. Pay attention to their approach to selling, which should be consultative instead of persuasive. By discussing your needs and how the product in question can help you, candidates display putting the consumer’s needs above their own. If they can’t sell the product clearly or lose their train of thought, they’ll probably struggle to keep prospects’ attention. Once hired, you can use email solutions to improve communication in your company. Surely, verbal communication skills assessments provide significant insights into candidates’ approaches to sales processes.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are often used due to the variety of industries that contain sales roles. They are implemented to narrow down applicant pools due to the ease at which they can be administered at scale. Typically, these tests include a personality test and a situational judgement test. This way, employers highlight the top candidates displaying transferable skills. Providing these simple tests significantly increases the recruitment process’s efficiency and reduces HR costs. Additionally, studies have shown a direct correlation between high psychometric test scores and high-quality performances in sales roles. Absolutely, psychometric testing significant cost reductions and efficiency increases in HR processes.

Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is one of the most popular personality development tests. It categorizes test-takes into one of sixteen personality archetypes as determined by the psychologist Carl Jung. Four variables are used for this determination: intovert/extrovert, rational/emotional, intuitive/sensing, and perceptive/judgmental. However, this test is not a great indicator of a candidate’s fit for the role. Its value is provided by its ability to help managers lead their teams better. For example, two reps on opposite ends of the Myers-Briggs spectrum would require different management styles to thrive, even on the same team. Certainly, the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator provides managers with significant insights that help manage their teams.

Behavioral Assessments

There are many behavioral assessment tests and tools that provide robust evaluations of applicant personalities. Many combine several psychometric assessments to offer a more complete snapshot of candidates’ mindsets and aptitude for the role. Behavioral assessments often measure tendencies such as what energizes an applicant and what attracts people to them. Combined with a motivation assessment that reveals which of the seven primary motivators drive each candidate, you get a higher-quality evaluation of their personality. Definitely, behavioral assessments provide more complete insights into applicant personalities.

Sales Predictor Tests

Sales predictor tests are used to identify applicants with the proper personality fits and cognitive abilities needed to perform sales roles well. These tests measure complete sales knowledge and ability as well as identify personalities suitable for sales roles. Additionally, they evaluate a candidate’s cognitive ability. This way, you measure applicant’s general intelligence and niche sales knowledge. By evaluating personalities, cognitive, and sales abilities, you avoid mishires that often cost up to two times an annual salary. Of course, sales predictor tests measure intelligence as well as personalities and abilities for great sales planning.

There is a myriad of sales predictor tests out there that evaluate aptitude. For example, communication skills tests provide insights into applicants’ approaches to sales processes. Psychometric testing offers significant cost reductions and HR efficiency increases by narrowing down applicant pools. The Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator offers managers valuable insights on how best to manage their teams. Behavioral assessments provide more complete data on applicant personalities. Finally, sales predictor tests measure intelligence, personality, and sales abilities to avoid mishires and save significant amounts of capital. When wondering about the top sales assessment test types for aptitude evaluation, consider the types described above.

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