Improve Sales Productivity To Have Teams Hit Quotas Every Time

If you are a sales manager, the majority of your job responsibilities lie in grooming your sales team to be as efficient and effective as possible. This can be difficult, as there are so many variables that factor into the equation of a winning sales team strategy. However, there are some simple methods to increase sales productivity that you can certainly make use of to have an impact on your sales team performance. Find out how to improve sales team productivity below.

Sell Socially

Social selling will immediately help improve sales team productivity. Sales teams that utilize socially-savvy strategies are almost 80% more likely to hit their quotas. When your sales reps can better relate to and engage buyers throughout the sales process, whether in retail sales or some other area, win rates will improve. Help sales professionals have engage in more meaningful buyer interactions by providing prospect insights to make this possible. When you decide to use social selling strategies, your sales productivity will skyrocket.


Automate tasks that are wasting your sales team’s time. The majority of sales professionals’ days are spent on menial administrative tasks that do not actually involve selling. Cutting this time down with sales automation solutions gives them that time back to actually sell products and close deals. Consider using a CRM software to automate processes, or build your own processes and solutions. Just be sure to automate the sales process wherever possible to boost productivity for sales professionals.

Rank Leads

Ranking leads prevents sales reps from wasting time on unlikely prospects. Lead tracking is fine, but lead qualifying is even better. When your sales team can accurately prioritize sales leads, they have a higher success rate. It gives them the opportunity to spend the most time on the qualified leads that are most likely to buy. This means less wasted time in their work week, and higher sales productivity metrics for your department as a whole.


If you are not already onboarding and training sales representatives, you are a making a huge mistake. The lack of proper sales training and onboarding is a number one contributor to lagging productivity. When employees are not properly trained in your company’s procedures and processes, they waste time figuring it out on their own. This takes much more time than if you had just dedicated the time at the onset to prepare them for their new role. Make sure you train sales professionals at any chance you get. This will improve their sales skills and productivity in one fell swoop.

Use A Content Library

Establish a content library as a resource for your sales team. This is one of the best ways to increase sales by improving sales efficiency. Over 75% of sales leaders create their own content. They do not use the marketing materials presented because, usually, they cannot find what they need quickly and easily. Obviously, this is a waste of time. Fix this by storing relevant marketing materials in one, easy-to-find location online. Make sure any database you create includes search features and tools that allow reps to customize content. This will immediately have a positive impact on your sales team productivity and morale.

If you are a sales manager, you are surely always looking for ways to improve sales team productivity. Thankfully, sales automation tools can help you do this with technology. In addition, these sales productivity strategies above will help bring your sales team to the next level of productivity and efficiency. Make sure you use the tips above to improve sales productivity for your team. Your sales volume figures will show the proof your efforts.

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