How Salesforce Time Tracking App Simplifies Managing Sales Teams

Managing employees sometimes requires a bit of sleuthing to ensure that the things that are supposed to get done are actually getting done. But thankfully, there are technologies like the Salesforce time tracking app that make this process of ensuring high quality and high productivity much simpler. If you manage a sales team, implementing this new technology can radically change project outcomes. Find out the advantages of using the Salesforce time tracking app to manage employees below.

Automatic Reports

The Salesforce time tracking app can produce automatic reports to help you make more informed management decisions. Using Salesforce integrations with automatic reporting capabilities produces real-time insights into individual performance for each employee. In addition, these time reporting tools can be used to derive insight into team performance as a whole. This can be used to determine weak links in the sales chain and create a better business succession planning strategy. Salesforce time tracking apps automatically generate these reports, so you do not even need to take time out of your day to experience these advantages.

Screenshots For Proof

Salesforce time trackers also have screenshotting capabilities. These time tracking screenshots provide a real-time look into exactly what an employee is doing at any given time. This can be helpful to keep employees on track and operating at their full capacity. It can also be a useful tool to have when firing employees. In the event that there is a dispute during an employee dismissal, screenshots provide the proof a manager needs to protect the business from a wrongful termination suit. Managers can also use screenshots to devise a better training process or troubleshooting procedures. These screenshot tools provide substantial advantages that can help you become a more effective manager.

Analyzing Profits

Salesforce time tracking apps can also help managers conduct profitability analyses. With these tools, managers can easily view insights on projects, the tasks it took to complete them and how much time was spent on each task. By reviewing this data, managers will be able to perform a profitability analysis. Then, the information derived from those data analysis tasks can be used to make a better management process that improves the business’s entire profit margin ratio. This will only help to improve your ability to manage employees and resources in the most efficient manner. This is a Salesforce time tracking app advantage that cannot be ignored.

Simplified Billing

Time tracking tools from Salesforce can also make it easier for managers to invoice billable hours. With Salesforce software, managers do not have to track employee’s time and total it all up on their own. Instead, the sales tools do this for you. Then, you can use an invoicing software that integrates with Salesforce to eliminate the need to enter those billable hours into your invoicing system. This greatly reduces the amount of work hours you have to spend completing administrative tasks. It automates those invoicing tasks, giving you more time to focus on managing your sales team or researching new supply chain management strategies. No manager could turn down an advantage this great.

Tracking Location

Salesforce time tracking tools also include location tracking features. This tool allows you to track locations for individual members of your sales team in real-time and afterwards. Location tracking tools act as management quality control solutions. They enable managers to confirm that employees are actually doing what they say they are doing. Further, employee location data can also be used to verify employee reporting for firing purposes and billing purposes. The geo-location tracking tools for employees made available through the Salesforce time tracking app provide significant advantages that make it easier for managers to manage. With this tool, you will be able to become a better manager.

Managing a sales team presents unique challenges that other managers do not have to deal with. Thankfully, tools like the Salesforce time tracking app simplify the process for managers. Salesforce time tracking features advantage managers by providing reporting and profitability analysis capabilities. In addition, they make it possible to track employee location and provide visual, photographic proof when employees are not doing what they should be. These Salesforce time tracking app advantages are significant. Consider implementing this new sales technology to better manage employees for maximum productivity and efficiency.

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