How To Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming

Sending bulk emails is a lucrative, but risky way to market a company. If successful, a good click through rate can put a company’s marketing right in front of potential customers for almost no cost. If unsuccessful, the bulk email is labeled as spam and the potential customer never sees it. As the marketing director of an online company, having your marketing emails labeled as spam is a big worry. If you are labeled as spam to many times your company’s servers could be blacklisted. After that, email providers will block your emails at the source. Fortunately, you can protect your marketing emails with a few straightforward steps. The following steps will show you how to send bulk emails without spamming.

Meet CAN-SPAM Act Requirements

The easiest way to avoid being labeled as spam, is to make sure your emails aren’t spam. The government set out what constitutes spam in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. You can follow their guidelines and ensure your email isn’t spam. You should make sure that your email clearly indicates that it is an ad. It should also avoid a false or misleading headers or subject lines. Additionally, you should include a company mailing address in your contact information. In terms of content, make sure your copy is truthful and interesting. Consider how your potential customers will see the ad as you design it. Spam is not only annoying, it is a poor marketing tool that relies on tricking people. Take the time to ensure your ad is not just spam in another form.

Build A Organic Lead List

Now that you have a clean bulk email to send, make sure you send it to the right market segment. When you create an email list for a bulk email, use only leads you have generated yourself. Avoid buying leads from third-party sellers. These bought leads probably receive bulk emails from every company who bought their information and are more likely to label you spam. Using organic leads will produce a smaller list to send the email to. However, that list will be more likely to buy and less likely to view your email as spam.

Employ Opt-In, Opt-Out Methods

You can use an opt-in, opt-out method to make sure your emails don’t go to people who don’t want them. This method makes the recipient confirm that they want the ads before you send them. Many companies use a single opt-in, in which the customer checks a box to receive messages from you. A better option is the double opt-in. This combines the single opt-in process with a follow-up confirmation by email. This means the customer cannot subscribe to you by accident. You should also make sure that every bulk email has clear instructions showing the customer how to opt-out of future emails. These methods will build loyalty to potential customers, since they are always in control of what they get from you.

Use A Bulk Email Service

To avoid being labeled as spam automatically by the service provider, consider using a bulk email service. These companies serve as middlemen between you and the customer’s email. The internet and email providers know that mass emails sent from a bulk email service aren’t spam. As a result, they will not be blacklisted by service providers. The bulk email service will ensure that your email is not spam and use their reputation to protect you. With a mass email service, you know that your mass email reached all its recipients without a problem.

Be Honest With Customers

When using mass emails, be honest and transparent with your customers. Be upfront about how many they can expect to see from you over a given time period. If the customers want to know how you got their information, be honest about your lead generation methods. Offer a monthly newsletter that outlines what you will send them over the coming month and include information on your third-part affiliates. This honesty will instill trust with your customers, proving why email marketing works. Spam uses the internet to lie and hide from the customer. The only way to combat it is with honesty and openness.

A few straightforward steps will ensure your emails are never confused with spam. Make sure your mass emails follow federal guidelines the separate spam from ads. Build your email list from your organically produced leads, instead of buying them. Use opt-in and opt-out methods to give customers control over what emails they get from you. Send bulk emails through a bulk email service to avoid automated spam filters. Be honest with your customers about what to expect so they will trust you. After following these steps, you will be ready to handle a successful bulk email campaign.

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