What Click Through Rate Means In Internet Marketing Campaigns


Click through rate is a ratio that involves the total number of users who have viewed an advertisement versus the total number of uses who clicked on that particular advertisement. As a business owner, this concept may seem trivial if you do not have online marketing certifications. However, click through rate, or CTR, can indicate a broader picture of whether your money spent on advertising is actually giving you a worthwhile return. This is very important knowledge to have for future marketing purposes. If you would like to know more about click through, continue reading. This post will cover all the basics.

Why Does Click Through Matter?

Click through rates matter to every business, big and small. There are many advantages of internet advertising. CTR is vital to finding out the success of a particular marketing campaign or advertisement. And with that information, you are much better prepared to make adjustments and improvements. Successful businesses are constantly seeking to improve and expand. In order to do that, you must also seek to improve your advertisements and marketing. In order to gain an even better chance at success for future marketing however, CTR is not enough. You may want to conduct research on conversion rate. That is the amount of clicks that actually led to sales. Click through rate is important because it allows you the opportunity to improve future marketing practices. But remember, it is an incomplete picture without knowing conversion rates, as well.

How Do I Find Out My CTR?

Well unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to this question. Depending on what platform your advertisement is run on, there are different steps you must take in order to find out information regarding click through rates. However, across all platforms, it is not a very difficult task. If, for instance, your advertisement can be seen on Google, this information is easily accessible. It is provided to you once you log in to your account. The low cost Facebook advertising offers click through rates in an easily accessible place, as well. Once you decide upon a particular platform for your advertisements, you will have to sign up for an account. When creating that account, all necessary information regarding click through rate calculation will be available to you, along with answers to any questions you may have about that specific platform. So, in order to find out your CTR, the first step is to decide where you want your ad hosted.

What Are Average Click Through Rates?

The average advertisement click through rate across all formats is .06%. That is really a very low number. However, with better targeted ads, you can definitely improve that number greatly. The most important part of advertising is targeting a specific audience, and knowing what they want. Once you have done those things, and you make your ad available only to your target audience, you will immediately see an uptick in that number. You may also find that you particular ad does better on certain platforms. After defining your target audience and tailoring your ad specifically to their tastes, you may want to try it out on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once you have gathered click through data on each network, you can see if performance in one area outshone the others. Remember, the average click through rate is low, yes. However, with a defined audience and targeted ads, you have a great chance of improving those rates.

Can High CTR Be Bad For Business?

Yes, there are some instances where a high CTR can be bad for business, even a business like TravelHost. If a keyword that you select is not related to your business and is not going to serve some purpose for your business, you do not want a high flick through rate. With pay per click advertising, this will run up your costs with no benefit for business unless they convert. Simply put, you are wasting money with no results. When your keywords are irrelevant to your business, high CTR is a bad thing.

This guide is only the beginning to having an in-depth knowledge of click through and what it means for your business. However, it is an excellent place to start. Remember to use the click through information you gain to improve future marketing campaigns. This will lead to further success for your business. If you have any knowledge about click through rates that you feel would be helpful to other business owners, leave a comment in the area below. We would love to hear from you.

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