5 Essential Steps To Send Marketing Text Messages

SMS or text message marketing is a favorite strategy among marketers. Marketing text messages allow businesses to engage directly with consumers and offer deliverable promotions directly to their phones. SMS servicing is a built in function on every mobile device. Thus, the communication channel accessible by marketing text messages is essentially unlimited. Text message marketing offers a substantial amount of value for businesses at a relatively low cost. For optimized success, however, there are several important factors to consider when implementing a text message marketing strategy. There are several features of bulk SMS marketing to help business owners improve campaign results. If you are a marketer interested in improving brand communications, here are five essential steps to send marketing text messages.

Create A Shortcode

The first thing you need to do is create a shortcode for your marketing text messages. A short code is a 5 or 6 digit phone number designated especially for companies to send SMS marketing material. Just like a mobile phone number, this is how you will communicate back and forth with clients via text message. Shortcodes are individually approved by wireless carriers to ensure the marketing process runs smoothly. They also allow you to send messages at a much faster rate than with other mobile numbers. Having the throughput of a shortcode to send texts is an essential part of a text message marketing campaign

Choose Your Keywords

You will also need to choose a key word to send marketing text messages. A keyword is a word or phrase that consumers text to your shortcode to subscribe to your SMS campaign. When a consumer sends this keyword to your shortcode, they are essentially subscribing to your marketing campaign. Encourage potential customers to opt-in by including a call to action in your advertising material for your text messaging marketing campaign. Your keywords should be simple and contextually relevant and encourage people to connect with you. The right keyword is another important aspect of successful SMS marketing material.

Compile A Mailing List

The next step to implement a successful marketing text message strategy is to compile a client mailing list. It is essential to get permission from customers to send marketing materials to their phones. Research the HIPAA text message policy to best understand requirements of business owners. In order to grow your mailing list, you need to market material to customers that encourages them to text the right keyword to your shortcode. To entice potential users to opt-in to your texts, offer new product updates, special offers or something else that is valuable to your specific client base. Get creative with your promotional process and create fliers, post text-message information on social media, or even ask customers or clients face to face. The larger your list gets, the more powerful your marketing campaign. Compiling and growing your mailing list is a key factor to launch a marketing text message campaign.

Pick A Service Provider

In order to send marketing text messages, you will need to pick a service provider. A service provider offers text message marketing software that allows an SMS campaign to run successfully. When implementing a marketing text message campaign, it is important to pick the right software provider for your brand’s mission. Pay attention to offerings such as data analytics, message templates, and automation features. You can also find services that offer message templates to help you write the best and most effective copy for your business. Picking the right text message marketing software provider is another important step for sending marketing text messages.

Offer Value

Finally, you need to ensure that your marketing text messages offer value to potential customers. The way that you go about this depends entirely on the type of service or company you are marketing. Coupons and codes for deals are a valuable commodity for consumers. Offer these types of deals to your customers upon opt-in. You can also provide sneak peaks of upcoming products in your marketing text messages. Appeal to customer loyalty by stressing the exclusivity of the deals you are offering. Target past customers with offers on discounted new products. Be strategic when it comes to your copy and the offerings that your marketing text messages provide.

Marketing text messages provide an ideal communication strategy for business and marketers. There are a number of unique text service features for business owners and marketing professionals. When setting up an SMS marketing strategy, there are certain important sets to take to ensure success. Create a shortcode that customers can text with a keyword of your choosing. Provide a call to action that allows them to opt-in for future marketing materials. Grow your mailing list using cross-platform promotional material. Choose the right marketing software provider for your brand and be sure to offer valuable information and deals in the content you are forwarding. If you are a marketing professional who wants to send marketing text messages, consider the steps outlined above.

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