5 Services That Packing And Movers Offer Your Business

There are multiple services that packing and movers offer your business. Hire a professionally trained team to pack specified items safely and securely. This strongly reduces down time for employees working during a commercial move. As a business owner, use a trusted packing/moving team so you can handle more important responsibilities. This way, you can simply change your mailing address and get back to running your company, without worry. The most trusted teams are equipped with specialty boxes for important items, strong packing tape and bubble wrap for security. Also remember to transition employees who may be switching departments during the move. Here are the services that packing and movers can offer your business.

Full Packing and Moving Services

These companies can provide your business with full packing and moving services. Call your preferred company and set a time/date for the team to come in. The company will provide a packing team, moving vehicle, and packing supplies. They will pack all items from desks to break room furniture. If you’ve already started packing, you can request help to finish the job. Then, the team will place all items in the truck and relocate them to your new office building. This service works best for big businesses with a lot of furniture to transport. Of course, packing and movers can offer your business full service options.

Electronic Removal And Installation Services

Additionally, you can request electronic removal services with installation options through packing and moving companies. Hire a highly trained team with the skills to disconnect and carefully pack your expensive electronics. They can remove computers, televisions, printers and sound systems with ease. Test your computers by accessing your business website on a new hosting company. Typically, the equipment will be wrapped in a moving blanket or bubble wrap for security. When the items have arrived at your new office, the team will unload them and begin installation. This service works well for businesses with high tech equipment such as a restaurant. Certainly, work with a packaging and moving company that offers electronic removal and installation services.

Special Item Services

Consider using a packing/moving company with special item services for your business. Hire a reliable team to package and move important pieces that won’t fit in a standard box. Of course, this can consist of electronics, art pieces or valuable office items. This way, high valuable items are packaged individually with more care. For example, if you have a one of a kind art installation, this service will ensure it is packaged, moved and reinstalled without damage. This service works best for businesses in the art field or for anyone with important original property. Additionally, you may need this service to move business equipment, inventory or assets. Definitely use a packing and moving company that has special item services for your office belongings.

Unpacking Services

Definitely request unpacking services when finding a packing and moving company. After packing, moving and unloading your stuff, the team can also unpack all boxes. You can ask that all items are unpacked and placed in a set location. Or, you can request that only a few things are unpacked such as the heavier items. On the other hand, you can unpack on your own but have the team as an extra set of hands. If you don’t have a blueprint as to where you want all your belongings, you could direct the team as they unload. This can work for any business that is changing locations. Surely, use a company that offers your business unpacking services.

Property Protection Services

Finally, invest in a packing and moving company with property protection services. Pick a company with liability insurance and other protective options. Protect your belongings against breaks, chips or damage. In fact, you can protect your new or old space against scratched floors or damage to the walls. Some companies will even offer a repair service to look at and fix any damages. If the damage can not be fixed, you will get a replacement. Additionally, you are guaranteed that your items won’t be stolen. All businesses using any sort of packing and moving companies should ensure they receive property protection services.

Of course, packaging and moving companies can offer your business many services. Consider treating the moving team to lunch from a local pizza franchise. Request full service options to get a team to pack all your belongings, place them into the moving truck and relocate them to your new office. Certainly, as most businesses are now computer based, you can use electronic removal and installation services for safer transportation. If you have important business pieces, such as art, intricate or irreplaceable items, definitely use a company that offers services for special items. Surely, work with a company that provides unpacking services so you can have the unpacking done for you, help with unpacking heavy objects or just an extra set of hands to unpack. Finally, ensure you receive property protection services in case your items are damaged, lost or stolen. These are a few services that packing and movers can offer your business.

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