5 Signs Your Company’s Vehicle Needs Air Conditioning Repair  

There are various signs your company’s vehicle needs air conditioning repair. Air conditioning (AC) systems are made up of components, such as a compressor and refrigerant, that work simultaneously. The compressor is powered by the engine, heat exchangers and an expansion valve which regulates refrigerant flow. Refrigerant is the liquid that travels through the car’s system to transform into a gas and then back to a liquid. As a business owner, ensure your company car has no leaks as that could cause a lack of refrigerant.  Here are some signs that your company’s vehicle needs air conditioning repair.

Reduced Cooling Levels

Reduced cooling levels are a clear sign that the AC system in your company’s car needs repair. During the hotter seasons, it may take your vehicle longer to cool down. However, if your AC continues to produce hot air, you need to get it fixed. There are several reasons why your AC system won’t work correctly including a lack of refrigerant, a broken compressor or a blown up fuse box. Of course, a broken fan motor or damaged evaporator can also cause damage to the system. Certainly get your vehicle’s air conditioning repaired if there are reduced cooling levels.

Airflow Difficulties

Additionally, airflow difficulties are a sign that your company’s vehicle needs AC repair. Typically, drivers know how the AC pressure works and feels in their car. If you notice any difference in airflow, consider getting it checked. Bring it into an auto repair shop as you would bring a boat into a boat repair shop. Get it checked especially if the airflow isn’t as powerful as it once was or there is warm or no air coming through the AC system. There are several factors that can reduce airflow including mold in the system’s evaporator that prevents air from getting to the vents. Or, you could have a loose hose or friend ventilation fan. Surely, if the AC unit in your company car is having airflow difficulties, you should take it to be repaired.

Strange Noises

Of course, your company vehicle’s AC may need to be repaired if there are strange noises coming from it. When you turn on the AC system and it starts making a loud noise, bring it to the closest successful auto repair franchise. The loud noise usually indicates there is an issue with the compressor. The compressor creates cool air by extracting the car’s hot air. The hot air is pumped and cycled through the condenser/evaporator to produce cold air. The process is repeated constantly which is why there may be wear and tear on the compressor. So, the loud noise you hear when turning on your AC is likely your compressor failing and is in need of replacement or repairs. Certainly, strange noises from your vehicle’s AC system may mean it needs to be repaired.

Fluid Leak

Fluids leaking from your company’s car could be another sign you need to repair your AC. Certainly, not all leaks are AC related. However, if it appears as a thin and greasy substance, it may be refrigerant leakage. Typically, leaked refrigerant will emerge under the hood of the car near the compressor. Or, it would appear inside the cabin or under the vehicle. On the other hand, your AC system might have water leaking into the company car or business SUV. This could be a result of a drain blockage. Bring it to an auto shop immediately to avoid costly and even bigger issues. Surely, get your company car’s AC repaired if it’s leaking fluids.

Bad Smell

Also, bad smells from your system can be a sign that your company vehicle’s AC needs to be repaired. There can be many reasons why your AC smells. Dust and dirt passes through the system and gets stuck, so it may just need to be cleaned. However, if there is a foul odor, such as mildew, coming out of your vents, act fast. This could be a result of mold growing in the AC system. If untreated, you and your employees could contract respiratory issues or other health problems. You should also keep this in mind when you buy or sell cars on your own. To keep your business, employees and self safe, definitely bring your car’s AC to get repaired is there is a bad smell.

Weak Airflow

Plus, it may be time to repair your business company car’s AC if you are experiencing weak airflow. Maybe your business vehicle’s airflow is weaker than it was when you last had it repaired. In other cases, it may stop functioning all together. Of course, this could be due to several factors. For example, broken vent fans, loose hoses, or open seals typically cause your airflow levels to drop. Speak with a company vehicle air conditioning expert to fix your automobiles today.

There are several signs your company’s vehicle needs air conditioning repair. In fact, ensure you work as a team and communicate if there is any issue. Repair your AC if your car is not getting cold air as it can be a lack of refrigerant, a broken compressor or damaged fan motor. In addition, if there are airflow difficulties, you should get it repaired as there can be mold or a loose hose. Certainly, get your company car’s AC system repaired if there are strange noises coming from it as the compressor can be failing. Surely, your AC may need to be repaired if it is leaking fluids, such as refrigerant or water, in or around your car. Finally, a bad smell from your AC could be mold which could cause health issues so definitely get it repaired. These are a few signs that your company’s vehicle needs air conditioning repair.

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