5 Best Practices For Small Business Charitable Giving

There are various best practices for small business charitable giving. On average, about 75% of small business owners donate more than 5% of their earnings to charities annually. In fact, they donate 225% more to local causes than larger businesses do. As a small business owner, there are various charitable organizations you can provide with valuable, much-needed support. Plus, towns and cities around the world offer charitable participation opportunities, such as fundraising events in NYC. Read on for the best practice for charitable giving as a small business.

Give Meal Donations

A top practice for your small business to support causes is to give meal donations. Research facilities that need assistance and set up a plan. For example, create a collection station at work and donate the food collected to your local food bank. Or, if you used to do catered lunches in the office that were impacted by COVID and working from home, consider donating those meals to a school. Of course, you could also give them to the hard-working health workers at a nearby hospital. Certainly, giving meal donations is a great way to offer support as a small business.

Contribute To Global Causes

Another top practice for small business charitable giving is to contribute to global causes. There are various events around the world that require support from anywhere they can get it. For example, those in Ukraine impacted by Russia’s full-scale invasion. Your small business can donate clothes, food, and money to citizens and the UA army. In fact, you can also provide shelter by renting an AirBnB and allowing Ukraine families to reside there. Additionally, encourage your customers to donate. Consider posting donation sites, such as tradeforukraine.com, on your social platforms where followers can click and easily donate. Definitely, a best practice for small business charitable giving is to keep up with the news and contribute to global causes. 

Donate Company Time

Of course, a positive practice to promote small business charitable giving is to donate company time. Encourage your team and employees to take time out of their work schedule and offer it to those in need. For example, let an employee take a longer lunch once a month to help in a soup kitchen without docking pay. Or, allow an employee to leave an hour early every other Friday, without reducing their paycheck, to run a free after school tutoring program. Certainly, by encouraging donating on company time, you enforce the importance of helping others, especially those in your community. Surely, enforce the small business charitable giving practice of donating company time.

Sponsor Events

Additionally, a top practice for small business charitable giving is to sponsor events. You can sponsor events such as a youth sports team or a marathon. Often, an employee has a child on a sports team that needs funding. Or, you can communicate with your community and find a team to sponsor. Also, you can sponsor local participants in marathons such as an Autism Walk or A Cure For Cancer. Of course, you can also donate to the marathon itself by supplying water, snacks and tents. Plus, by sponsoring these events, you get business publicity. For example, you can advertise your small business by putting your logo on uniforms or on banners. Certainly, one of the best small business charitable giving practices includes sponsoring events.

Create A Charity Drive

Finally, a top practice for small business charitable giving is creating a charity drive. Set up a drive to collect certain items such as clothes, books or food. Ask your employees, friends, customers, clients and community to donate. Of course, request that the donations are wearable, gently used and non-perishable. Then, take the donations to any charitable organization, such as a homeless shelter or boy’s and girl’s club. This is a great solution if you don’t have enough funds to donate at the moment. Certainly, create a charity drive as a small business charitable giving practice.

There are several best practices for small business charitable giving. First, consider meal donations to organizations to support and nurture those who can’t afford or access food. Secondly, you can support charities around the world and support those in immediate danger by contributing to global causes. Of course, encourage donating by allowing your employees to occasionally create and participate in services on company time without docking pay. Additionally, you could sponsor events such as funding a child’s sports team while gaining publicity by making a banner online. Finally, create a charity drive to collect items such as clothes, books and food for local organizations such as a homeless shelter or food bank. Follow these best practices for small business charitable giving.

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