7 Small Business News Websites To Help Entrepreneurs Keep Learning


As a small business owner, you probably want to keep up to date on the latest small business news. Whether it is information specific to your industry, your state or your management style, it is important to continue learning. Many individuals think of the Wall Street Journal as their primary small business news source, but there are many more options available. Whether you want a specific focus from a niche website or a large, reputable news source, there are several places where you can find out more. Below we have identified 7 different websites where you can learn about small business news. Keep reading below to learn where to read about growth solutions for business, top trends in small business and much, much more.

New York Times

The New York Times has a reputable business section. On their website, the business section is followed by several sub categories including media, technology, energy and entrepreneurship. The latter is where you will find the most pertinent small business news. Stories about the importance of American manufacturing, business advice and employee benefits are all located on this site. If you are interested in keeping up with some of the biggest stories in small business, make sure you check out the New York Times. However, they probably will not be much help if you need to learn about the best performance management strategies.


Entrepreneur is a widely known website that features all the latest small business news and topics. If you need strategies for hiring seasonal employees, they have that. Or, if you want to know ways to handle rapid business growth, Entrepreneur has that too. Regardless of what type of business news or small business how-to guides you need, Entrepreneur is sure to have what you are looking for. Consider the Entrepreneur website your one stop shop for small business trends and news.

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a well known news source with a varied business section. Their small business category is peppered with news from a variety of different regions. From Philadelphia to Greece, they cover it all. Additionally, you will find a series of helpful “How To” articles with tips for improving many different business practices. For example, you can find articles on how to generate qualified leads easily. For a versatile news source, consider looking at Huffington Post’s small business section.


Bloomberg’s small business section is full of captivating stories. They constantly tackle new angles and information. Unlike the Huffington Post, the Bloomberg site focuses less on helpful tips and tricks and far more on analyzing the market. If you want to hear small business news from a unique perspective with in-depth analysis, this may be the site for you.


CNN has everything you need from personal finance to small business news. As a national network, CNN puts a big focus on exciting, interest generated stories, like the decline of the high street. Here, you will mostly find news about corporations as well as small start-ups. If you are interested in hearing more noteworthy news rather than small-scale business info, CNN is a great place to go.


Inc. is home to any and all business news. Their website, which features the annual Inc. 5000, a ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America, is designed to give you the latest small business and corporate news. They also share franchise rankings in addition to the Inc. 5000. In addition to articles, Inc. also has business tools available on their site for those who want to get published, find funding or send press releases.

Small Biz Trends

Out of every site on the list, Small Biz Trends is definitely the least well-known website. However, it is also the most specific. The Small Biz Trends site is dedicated completely to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners. If you are not interested in large corporations, this site may be for you. They cover everything from marketing advice on custom packaging to finance news, all tailored specifically to small businesses.

Small business news can be found floating around the business section of many websites and newspapers. However, these six sites have some of the best information available for you. If you want to keep an eye on trends in the market or learn more about the latest small business legislation, these sites are the perfect place to start.

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