5 Best Small Giveaway Items For Trade Show Events

High-impact small giveaway items rule trade shows. As a marketing professional, you are aware of just how powerful small giveaways can be. With this in mind, imagine the effect they have on trade show attendees. Typically, trade shows are open only to related companies and the press. Therefore, all attendees are interested in what each business there offers. This means that every attendee will appreciate giveaways. Furthermore, offering branded small giveaway items heightens the chance of your branding strategy getting noticed by the press. Here, you will find the best small giveaway items for trade shows.

Smartphone Wallets

Trade show attendees will love receiving smartphone wallets as a small giveaway item. Technology has pushed businesses to utilize smartphones. Therefore, majority of trade show attendees have them. Business employees desire valuable giveaway items. Smartphone wallets offer multiple values. They hold cash and various cards, which lessens the need for a wallet. If made with the proper material, smartphone wallets also allow for more grip. When looking for convenient, valuable small giveaway items for your next trade show, create branded smartphone wallets.

Branded Pens

Although technology has advanced companies, trade show attendees still need pens. For this reason, they are often a small giveaway item go-to. You are able to portray your brand’s logo on them. Another option is to display a popular company catch phrase on them. However you choose to customize your pens, going through the process is worth it. After all, pens are one of the most cost-effective small giveaway items. Additionally, they are one of the easiest and fastest items to brand. If you are behind on your small giveaway items for an upcoming trade show, look to pens.

Tote Bags

Tote bags have a lot to offer as small giveaway items at trade shows. To other attendees, they are a great way to lug around their other giveaway items and business flyers. On the other hand, they provide you and your business with an advantage as well. Since your branded tote bag will be visibly held by others, your brand name will be displayed. From other attendees to the press, your name can be seen. Therefore, they will draw attention to your business, making them an effective marketing tool. Understand the power of tote bags as trade show small giveaway items.


Another popular and cost-effective small giveaway item worth creating is the PopSocket. As a trade show exhibitor, be aware of what is trending. PopSockets are, in fact, giveaway items that are trending. With an adhesive on the back, they stick to smartphones. Once stuck to an iPhone or Android, they act as a phone stand and/or grip. Throw your company’s logo or brand slogan on them for great advertising. Since smartphone accessories are valuable to attendees, PopSockets make for a great giveaway option at trade shows.

Custom Notepads

Lastly, consider custom notepads as small giveaway items or marketing materials. Aside from pairing nicely with a branded pen, they are also valuable on their own. Additionally, they offer more than just a place to write. You can also slide a brochure or business card into the notepad. When trade show attendees open them up to write in, they will find a friendly reminder of your brand. A custom notepad with other surprise company items helps ensure you stick out among other exhibitors. With this in mind, add them to your list of small giveaway items for your next trade show.

Trade shows are great marketing events. In order to thrive while there, provide attendees with small giveaway items specific to your company. Smartphone wallets are very valuable. Other exhibitors will always find pens useful. Tote bags offer further advertising during the event. Join the trend of providing branded PopSockets. Custom notepads can act as folders for various other company items. You are now ready to create high quality small giveaway items for trade shows.

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