5 Small Office Rental Space Design Ideas For A Functional Workplace

Businesses that operate in small office rental spaces often struggle in the productivity department. As a business owner working in a small office rental, you can continue working out of your current space and increase productivity at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, small does not have to mean dysfunctional. If your team’s production rates are faltering, it could be time for workplace renovations. In this post, you will discover the top small office rental space design ideas for a functional workplace.

Overhead Downlighting

To begin updating your small office rental space, consider overhead downlighting. While natural light should be your main source of illumination, you need artificial light sometimes. Some days, you and your employees arrive to work in the rain, and receive little-to-no natural light from your office windows. If you stay at the office past sunrise, your source of natural light disappears. Since working in poorly lit environments decreases productivity rates, you need to use artificial light fixtures. With optimal lighting, you can turn an employee with a negative attitude into one with a positive attitude. Overhead downlighting is the best artificial lighting option for small office rental spaces because it does not take up any floor space.

Hang Plants

Another way to optimize your small office rental space is to hang plants. As a business owner, you have likely heard of how important plants are in the workplace. They improve focus and liven up office spaces, regardless of the size. If you want to motivate your employees to work more efficiently, you need to decorate your office with plants. Unfortunately, your small office rental space does not have enough room to decorate the floor with large desks. More so, you and your employees need all of the desk space you can get so placing plants atop desks is not advantageous. To reap the benefits of having plants in your office without taking away any of your office space, hang plants around your office.

Utilize Corners

To boost functionality in your small office rental, utilize corners. This design idea assists business owners in freeing up walking space in the middle of the room. More so, they increase employee comfort. If you arrange desks toward the corners of your office, you provide your workers with areas for them to hide themselves away to work. They will have an easier time blocking out any commotion going on in the office if they have their own corner space. Thus, utilizing corners increases productivity and frees up space for your business needs.

Buy Desks With Storage Space

Take a step further and increase functionality in your small office rental space by buying desks with built-in storage. Opt for tall desks that have shelves and drawer attached to them. If you prefer shorter desks, many of those have storage space built-in as well. They often have thin drawers that employees can keep small office items in. They will not have to keep pens or paper on their desks. Instead, they can keep them inside of it, leaving more room for them to work. You can store healthy office snacks like granola bars in your desk as well. Desks with storage space are functional and keep small office spaces looking spacious.

Purchase Rolling Chairs

Lastly, purchase rolling chairs to upgrade your small office rental space. Aside from being more comfortable than regular chairs, rolling chairs are also much more functional. They can be easily transported across your small office. If you want to hold a meeting with your entire team, you can instruct them to slide their chairs toward the middle of the room. Furthermore, if you want to meet with just one employee, they can easily roll their chair over to you. If you already have cubicles in your office, you can conduct private meetings with rolling chairs. Hence, you can create multiple types of informal meeting areas easily with rolling chairs. Include them in your new small office rental space design.

Update your small office rental space to give your team a much-needed productivity boost. Use overhead downlighting to illuminate your workplace without taking up desk or floor space. Hang plants to reap their benefits without using up needed areas. Utilize corners to free up space in the middle of the office and to give employees their own working areas. Buy desks with built-in shelves and drawers for optimal storage. In addition to these design ideas, purchase rolling chairs so you can easily create informal meeting areas whenever you want. With these small office rental space design ideas, you can upgrade your unproductive environment to a highly functional one.

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