7 Real Time Marketing Tips To Engage An Audience With Relevant Trends


Real time marketing is a form of promotion that utilizes data that is reported instantaneously to make decisions using current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers. Traditional marketing tends to rely heavily on advanced planning and a strict schedule. Real time marketing, on the other hand, is dedicated to connecting customers with the product or service that they need in the moment. RNR is one company that utilizes this form of marketing. If you are interested in learning more about real time marketing and how you can ensure success with this unique type of campaign, keep reading below.

Be Timely

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to real time marketing. In order to successfully utilize this strategy, you will need to be ready to execute at any moment. Timeliness is the most important aspect of real time marketing, so it is important that you have a team of people prepared to craft the perfect promo at a moment’s notice.

Watch Your Tone

Make sure to consider the tone of your campaign. For example, if you are using a real time marketing strategy that includes hosting a conversation on Twitter with hashtags during a serious documentary, keep that in mind. You do not want to host an inappropriate conversation that is light-hearted and entertaining. Keep the tone relevant to the topic at hand when you are using real time marketing strategies that involve leading a conversation on Twitter or other social media platforms. Warby Parker is one company that does this beautifully.

Stay Relevant

The key to real time marketing is relevance. Delayed reactions and outdated references will not sit  well with your audience. Instead, you must constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities to shine. Use your marketing data wisely to find out more about current trends and translate that into your promotional content.


Another important thing you must consider before attempting a real time marketing strategy is not how difficult the CPA exam is, it is social media. Many businesses view their social media profiles as a supplement to their marketing and ad campaigns. However, for real time marketing, social media is not just a side-project. It is a necessity. Prioritize your social media in order to build a more effective online marketing presence.

Plan Ahead

Contrary to what the phrase “real time marketing” may lead you to believe, it is possible to plan ahead in certain instances, and you should take advantage of those opportunities. For example, tweeting during the SuperBowl can be a great way to stay connected with your followers. They will definitely be reading, and you know that ahead of time, which means you can work on crafting the perfect SuperBowl celebration tweet.

Be Selective

Another important tip to keep in mind for real time marketing, that is also true for how to self publish a book, is to be selective. With social media and a constant flow of data available, it can be tempting to insert yourself into every conversation and follow every trend. However, it is far better to be selective. Posting higher quality content that always refers back to your brand is the sign of a great real time marketing strategy.

Train Employees

The final tip for improving your chances of success with this type of campaign is to train your employees, just as you would for a new office document management system. Instilling a sense of urgency in the workplace is necessary for real time marketing because it encourages your team to stay alert, stay prepared and always jump at the opportunity to grab people’ attention.

Real time marketing is an excellent tool for any business that wants to engage an audience with the latest craze or pop culture reference. It is much more effective than talking about boring mergers and acquisitions. By prioritizing your social media and crafting quick, quality content, you can help to ensure that your real time marketing efforts are successful. Be sure to refer back to these tips the next time you need guidance regarding your next marketing campaign.

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