15 Social Media Tips To Bring In More Followers On Holidays

The Holidays Season is ideal for attracting new followers and potential customers to your social media channels. This is the time of the year when companies invest heavily in advertising to boost their online visibility. Unless you have more than enough followers already, you will need to increase the marketing budget as well. Here are a few social media tips that will help you keep a tight grip on your budget and bring in more followers without splurging.

Post Early About Your Holiday Offers

You should start mentioning your Christmas offers as early as November. Make sure that you post on Instagram on a daily basis about the gifts, offers, and promotions your company has for the holidays. This will kick start your holiday marketing early on in the season and set the tone for the upcoming months.

Make Gift Suggestions

Use the demographics tools of Instagram to identify the general profile of your followers. Next, make appropriate gift suggestions in your posts that would appeal to your admirers.

Delegate Instagram Management

Running a successful company requires an efficient delegation of tasks. You have to track your likes from InstaGrowing and new followers. If you do not have the time to follow up on Insta post and user reactions, you should make this activity the responsibility of one of your most trusted employees.

Respond To Users ASAP

Make sure that any question, suggestion or complaint by any of your followers is quickly attended to on social media. Respond to Facebook messages, Instagram impressions, and Twitter comment to enhance user experience and provide your customers with quick solutions.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Almost every social media channel offers the option to schedule your posts in advance. Use this feature wisely and program your future posts with a week in advance. This strategy will allow you to spend more time to plan other aspects of your online activity and that will improve your visibility.

Share Your Online Contacts

Make sure that your bio and about pages on Insta and Facebook respectively display your contact information. This feature allows users to contact you in private without commenting on your posts.

Add Links To Your Online Store

Make sure that all your posts contain a link to your online store. You will want to provide users with an instant link to the offers you advertise.

Post Your Holiday Schedule

Remind your followers about your holiday schedule once every three days to let them know if they can count on you for last-minute gift shopping. With some extended hours, you can avoid the impending Christmas downturn.

Advertise The January Sales

There is never too early to post about your January sales. Consider discount prices for the first month of the year before even the Christmas comes along. Tease your followers with the offers without revealing them to ensure you will benefit from steady traffic in January as well.

Check In On Your Competitors

The Holidays Season is a perfect occasion for visiting your friends, family and…your competition. Take a peek at the social media channels of your competitors, and especially at those of your local peers. Observe their strategy to understand how you can improve your advertising techniques.

Always Mention The Discount Value

When posting a discount offer for a product or a service on social media make sure that you mention the previous value as well. The difference in price will convince users to access your posts and subsequently your online store.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a perfect tool for holiday advertising on social media. Even if you create a short corporate video that shares happy holiday wishes, it will get some views. These tiny videos capture the interest of millions of followers every day, and they are bound to land you some customers if you use them wisely.

Engage Users In Exchange For Gifts

Have your Insta followers and your Facebook subscribers take part in daily polls, quizzes and contests. Winners can receive discount coupons or gift vouchers that they can use in your online store. This strategy will have consumers commenting on your posts and sharing your contests to maximize their winning chances, and all this frenzy will generate more traffic to your company’s store.

Share Your Posts On Multiple Channels

Make sure that your popular posts on Instagram get coverage on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels as well to increase their success.

Say “Thank you!”

Once the holidays season is over make sure that you thank your followers for their visits and their support. Make them feel your appreciation and invite them to take part in the January sales promotions.

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