5 Ways Industry Leader Starkey Sets Private Service Standards

What is strategic planning? If you are looking for the answer to this question, look to Starkey, a leader and standard setter for their industry. Often referred to as the Harvard of Private Service Education, Starkey International has achieved considerable recognition in service management training. They have more than three decade’s experience in training household managers or butlers, helping them get placements with the world’s billionaires. In doing so, Starkey International has undoubtedly carved a niche and scaled their vocational training institute into a profitable business.

Though, numerous similar training institutes mushroomed after Starkey International’s success, few have been able to match its level of expertise. Being the first institute of household management in the US has certainly helped the success of this company. What’s more, Starkey International has set the private service industrial standards. This post explores what sets Starkey International apart from its competitors.

Pioneer Of Private Service Management Training

Started and led by Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey, Starkey International has standardized private service through unique and innovative educational programs. Their training programs encompasses private service fields like estate management, household management, personal assistant, butlering and private chef. Starkey International Institute for Household Management is a state approved vocational institute that offers several SBD certification programs, correspondence courses and nanny management programs.

Moreover, Mrs. Starkey has written text books, designed customized curriculum and patented a delivery of service system model to create awareness about the scope of private services. Through its continuous efforts, Starkey International has even convinced the Department of Labor to recognize household management as an official career.

Combining Innovation With Expertise

Starkey International has fine tuned its educational courses and placement methods over the years to establish its excellence in the service management training field while still avoiding controversial hot button issues. In recognition of its commitment to the private service management profession, Starkey International’s college administrative colleagues have placed it in the master’s degree level of education. In order to meet the requirements of a highly varied American marketplace, Starkey International designs progressive curriculum. In addition to training, Starkey International functions as a placement corporation, placing veteran and new graduates with 90% success rate. Moreover, they have patented a state of the art software, StarkeyHQ Service Management Software, to help both employees and employers with household or estate management.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

The Starkey organization is revolutionizing healthcare too, by changing up the way that patients can receive hearing tests. Aging patients, in particular, are best served by the new online hearing test offered by the renowned hearing aid company. These online hearing screenings allow immobile or elderly patients to receive a hearing checkup without ever leaving the comfort and security of their home. This is one of the revolutionary medical practices that Starkey has brought to the fore in the field of healthcare. Surely, there are many more medical and patient care innovations that will be coming out of the Starkey company in the future, if their online hearing tests are any indication.

Avant-Garde Certification Courses

Starkey International’s comprehensive range of private service management certification courses include Certified Household Management, Certified Service Management Programs, Estate Management and Military Enlisted Aide Program. Additionally, they offer Housekeeping, Cleaning, Valet, Service Ettiquette, Operations Management, Identifying Service Expectations and Luxury Product Programs. These certification courses prepare aspirants to enter the private services industry as butlers, concierge or senior service professionals.

Furthermore, Starkey International evaluates the effectiveness of its certification programs, addressing the changing demands of service professions. In fact, they have hosted 12 formal dinners a year as a part of household and service management curriculum. They have experienced team of leaders who teach trainees daily graces, management techniques, technology and service leadership. Graduating more than 60 trainees per year, Starkey International offers private service management training as an expertise.

On-Site Customized Training

Starkey International’s business model serves billionaires and influential clients by offering customized service management training and education in their homes. The expert educators at Starkey International easily identify client’s service vision, providing training accordingly to their service staff. Additionally, this institution creates daily and seasonal task sheets, develops household management blueprints and educates the client’s staff in fine housekeeping, nanny management as well as clothing care. With its advanced and customized training, Starkey International has transformed service into a highly valued asset or product.

Considered a highly sophisticated service management education corporation, Starkey International has established itself by mastering its niche. Besides offering private service management training, Starkey International helps wealthy clients get expected level of household services. Starkey International has kept pace with the evolving service marketplace across US, delivering exceptional private service training.

Preserving Tradition and Pushing Forward

Human contact is often lost in a world of cell phones and digital devices. Starkey holds true to the pillars of high-quality service, art and interaction. It consistently add value to people’s lives, making it a stand out in a relatively undiscovered sector. Starkey strongly believes in preserving the integrity and value of a non-traditional education. The training centers around a professional and positive attitude, two attributes sometimes pushed to the side in this day and age. Even while staying true to past traditions, it advances and develops its business to keep up with the time. For example, the Institute has published physical and electronic books in Spanish and English. Starkey has even broke into the E-Commerce market.

Starkey Products

There is also plenty for business owners to learn from Starkey Pro, another well-known Starkey however, for entirely different reasons. This Starkey company provides education and training and various other business support for retail businesses that sell their hearing assistance products. If you operate a business in the medical field, or even in the health, wellness and fitness field like Jenny Craig, and want to learn more about the hearing technologies offered by Starkey, be sure to visit their website. Your medical retail business may be missing out on large profits from Starkey hearing aids and other assistive technologies.

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