5 Tips To Start Freelancing Online While In College

Being a freelancer is a great opportunity to study, pay for your college, and obtain some work experience at the same time. A freelance activity might be not the best choice for a person with multiple obligations and a craving for stability, but it is one of the best low cost business ideas for college students.

Planning your own schedule, getting paid, having time for yourself… these are the main benefits of freelancing. If only everything was that simple. The hardest thing when it comes to new activities is to start them. Knowing this, we have gathered some recommendations from college students who have part-time jobs to make your entrance into the world of freelancing easier.

Create Your Own Brand

The main tool you should use to show yourself to the world is social media. Fortunately, both the Generation Z and Millennials know how to use their profiles to meet new people, explore the world and place themselves in a position to be discovered by potential employers. Make use of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Start your own Youtube channel, make your own Snapchat filter, and remember that this is the future of communication and if you want people to notice you — create your brand online!

Learn How To Sell Your Skill Set

You can find different job opportunities on various platforms. If you live with your parents while in college, you can ask them to help you find a job as a baby-sitter. You can ask your neighbors if they need some assistance with their lawns or pools. You just need an opportunity to sell your items to someone without too much risk. This gives you the practice required to sell your skills. This way, when you start freelancing online, you can communicate what you are providing effectively. This will build trust with your potential clients and boost your confidence to freelance while in college. Stay aware of your surroundings and remember that in the 21st century, almost every activity starts online.

Register On Freelance Platforms

This is a “must” for all those who want to work via the internet. There are plenty of freelance platforms today for various jobs. However, it’s not all platforms are as easy to get into. These freelance job sites take your identity seriously because they do not want fake accounts bidding on jobs. To sign up, you will need to create an account and select a payment option. Depending on which freelance platform you choose, additional verification may be required. Moreover, you should take the time to build out a clear profile for yourself that communicates your skills, capabilities and relevant experience.

Have Your First Project Fulfilled

The most difficult and demotivativational part for most freelancers in the creative sphere is the portfolio they need to start working on well-paid projects. When it comes to starting out as a freelancer working from home, the most difficult part is to have your first project finished. Lower your fee, do the most interesting of your first projects for free, make creative pieces for yourself and add them all to your portfolio. This way, other people can see the quality of your work while you build up some experience at servicing clients. As you get to work on various projects, you will have something to show to your possible employers.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

As a newcomer for whom having those precious first orders is more important than money, you can set overly low prices for your work. When you have your first job offers, start analyzing the market and the salaries. On platforms like Rapid Essay, you might want to charge more for your time. Many office workers don’t like freelancers that outcompete them in terms of pay. But it is not only about karma. Setting low prices when you can ask for more is simply illogical.

In the modern world, opportunities are plentiful! Any student can sign up with a freelancing website and start making money online. Start freelancing by creating your own brand and deciding what you stand for. This conscious decision will setup who you are as a company. Then, you can practice selling your skills and services. Afterwards, sign up for a freelancing platform and verify your account. Build up your profile and get some positive reviews. Before you know it, you’ll be able to charge a decent amount for your online services. You could even make a full time income while you’re still working in school.

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