6 Smart Low-Cost Business Ideas For College Students

If you are constantly running low on cash, then it’s time you start considering starting a business while still in college. Running a business requires willpower and dedication. We cannot ignore the fact that you need to have great time management skills to balance your school work and the crucial pieces of your venture.

There are numerous business ideas for students, but getting a great idea with low capital requirements can prove challenging. You need an idea that will not drain your mental bandwidth or land you in debt. With this in mind, we have come up with impressive ideas that will have you exploring your entrepreneurial skills.

Data Entry

Make use of the free time you have in between classes and over the weekend to do freelance data entry. The only requirement is a computer and a reliable internet connection. You get payment for filling forms and posting submissions on the Internet.

Most companies either pay by the hour or have a fixed payment for the whole project. How much you earn depends on how much work you are willing to take. With no capital required, this is one of the best startup business ideas for college students.


Companies are ready and capable of paying you for your transferable skills. Consulting is a great way to make money with little or no capital. From the comfort of your dorm room, you can share your knowledge and expertise to companies that require the help to boost their income. Internet marketing and social media awareness are one area companies are in need of professional help.

You can manage the social media of a company and have fun while at it. Internet marketing is a huge trend right now. If you are tech savvy and abreast with information on market trends, then you can make the most of this opportunity.

Apart from internet marketing, you can also offer your services in resource management, data analysis, programming, administration, and accounting. The opportunities are endless. Just like any occupation, always discuss the terms and conditions before you engage with any company. You can go a step further and draft a contract if required.

Graphic Design

With the workload that organizations have to deal with, some overlook the importance of having an appealing logo. A logo is part of branding and helps consumers relate to the company. From the Internet, you can access useful information you can use to learn how to design a logo.

Companies are always looking for business ideas to improve their brand and increase their market value. Use your creative mind to get a premium pay from logo design. To get you started, you can start with a small list of companies you want to target. First, understand their structure. Come up with a logo that resonates to their model, vision, and consumer target.

Draft a small proposal on how the design will help improve their market value. If time is an issue, take advantage of paper helper and get a professionally written proposal within a few hours.

Once you create the logo, you can start pitching. Be flexible to make design adjustments if requested by the company. Aim to improve your skills as you continue to attract more opportunities.

Transport Services And Delivery

If you have a car, you can offer transportation services to students. This might entail providing them a ride to town or delivering meals. You can set an affordable rate when you help move students from one dorm to another location.

Some cities might require a commercial license for a delivery service. Using the right channels, you can easily get an investor on board to get you started. The reliability of having an effective transport and delivery service within reach is a great option for students.


If you are knowledgeable in a subject or topic, then you might consider being a tutor. With no overhead required, the money you get will be 100% profit. This is one of the best business to start that only requires your time as an investment.

With your tutoring services, you can make good money from it. The demand will constantly be there. Performance is the main concern for students. Start with your class and expand your target as you progress. You can decide to charge extra if students require constant correspondence with you outside of the agreed study time.

App Development

The benefit of being a college student is that you have the time to explore creative channels of making money. A huge population of people owns a smartphone which increases the need for functioning apps.

You can access Internet forums for tutorials and tips on how to develop an app. This is one idea that can make you serious money if you get it right. Start-up companies are always the best to approach. The fact that they have a small team makes it easy for them to take up your mobile app development project without passing it off to their in-house programmers.


You can take advantage of the free time you have and start a business that will improve your finances. College can be challenging, but with the right mindset, you can turn your idea into a reality.

The fact that you are thinking of starting a venture while still in college is impressive enough. Being an entrepreneur requires dedication. The good news is that most of the business ideas we have provided do not require you to leave your dorm room or invest any money. Be smart with all your potential prospects. Take time to learn and improve as you continue.

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