5 Tips For Starting A Concrete Business With A Solid Foundation

Starting a concrete business is tough work, but it is a work of heart. Tradesmen who love what they do will have a much more comfortable and secure financial future if they opt to open their own concrete business. It is much more lucrative than working as a mason a masonry business that belongs to someone else. Find out how to start a concrete business on your own using these tips for success below.

Pick A Target Market

Identify a target market for your concrete services before you open your business. Different demographics require different types of masonry work done. That means that your business will require different tools depending on what types of concrete services you offer. It may even mean that your business will require an entirely different business structure, just as different food truck businesses will require a unique food truck business plan. Pick a particular market for your new concrete business to target once you open your doors. It is one of the most important considerations when learning how to start your own masonry business.

Start Small

Start small when it comes to your masonry services. Do not attempt to offer every single concrete solution possible within your first year of operations. There are many specialized concrete services that require expensive tools that you will not use all that often. That means they offer a poor return on investment. You do not want to waste what little startup capital you have on high-end, specialized tools that you will rarely use for customized concrete services. Keep this in mind when starting a concrete business for the first time on your own.


Make sure to form the legal business structure of your company. Incorporating a concrete business is crucial. Otherwise, you will be unable to acquire the licensing and insurance policies it requires to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. That will leave your business susceptible to all sorts of liabilities regarding both employees and clients. You do not want to ever leave legal matters to chance. Incorporating your business is the first step you take to protect yourself and your business when forming your own concrete company. Worry about business cards tomorrow.

Take Some Classes

If you have no other experience in business, you are going to want to take some business and finance classes. Obviously, you can learn business accounting on-the-fly. But, this is probably not the best idea. You want to know how to run concrete business operations before you have to do it for a living. Obviously, a four-year degree is not necessary. Take some business management and accounting classes at your local community college. This will help you start a concrete business that actually has a real shot at success.

Consider Leasing

Instead of just buying your concrete tools outright, consider leasing equipment. Leasing masonry equipment could lower startup costs for your business. It will save you precious startup capital. It will also make for more overhead costs in the long-run. But, when you first start your concrete business you will badly need those funds for business promotion. Keep that in mind and determine whether leasing concrete equipment could be financial beneficial for your new concrete services business.

Trades people that are passionate about their work can do much better in life, both financially and professionally, if they decide to start a concrete business on their own. Masonry businesses can earn owners quite a bit of profit so that they can benefit from student loan refinance and similar perks sooner. They also allow for a stability that isn’t possible when you are employed by someone else. Use the tips above to help you start a masonry business. Starting a concrete business with a solid foundation for success is easy when you utilize these entrepreneurship strategies.

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  1. Very informative and useful content. Concrete business is an evergreen business and these tips will surely help the aspirants to start an effective concrete business.

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