5 Storage Unit Rental Considerations Startup Growth

Space is an important asset when running a startup. Whether you have a small office space, work from home or simply travel to vendor events, you might need some extra space. It’s difficult to expand your business space due to physical and financial limitations. If your startup space is too small to store product or equipment, you should use a storage unit rental. Here are important factors you should consider when renting a storage unit for your business.


Considering cost is crucial for making any business decision. Using a storage unit rental may or may not be profitable based on how much you need to store and what you are storing. Storage unit costs depend greatly on location, size, and timing. Larger storage units and units in prime locations will cost more. Some storage units also charge more for heavier objects stored. If your business operation involves moving and selling products, a storage unit may be more cost effective than purchasing or renting a warehouse. Also keep in mind that many companies offer one month of free storage. This is extremely useful if you’re relocating your business or if you need someplace to keep your equipment while you reorganize.

Corporate Account

An important distinction to understand is the difference between business storage units and personal storage units. Several storage unit companies offer corporate accounts that come with certain benefits. These benefits include van rental and relocation services. If you are operating like a retail investor, you can work out a deal to use the storage units across the country or state. Corporate accounts can cost more money. If you are operating a small business with limited space needs, it may be more cost effective to rent a personal storage unit instead.

Full Service Vs Self Storage

In addition to corporate or personal accounts, storage rentals are also split into full service and self storage. You should pick the type of storage unit based on your business operation needs. Though more costly, full service units offer pick up and valet same day delivery services. This is useful if your business is located in a dense urban environment, or if your office is on a higher floor. If you are renting multiple units, you can take advantage of this service to deliver equipment and product between units or to customers. Self storage units are cheaper, but require you to drop off and take out everything yourself. This type of storage unit better suits businesses that are simply in need of a little extra space.

Storage Unit Amenities

Different storage units offer different amenities that can affect your decision. When operating a business, you should consider your requirements. Depending on the company, storage unit rentals offer increased security, 24/7 all day access, surveillance, lease free rentals, and climate controlled storage. If you’re storing commercial product in your rental storage unit, you’ll definitely want increased security options. If your equipment or product is temperature sensitive, climate control is a no brainer. Shop around for the unit that offers you key amenities at the best price.


You should always insure your goods before storing them in a rental unit. You can insure your equipment and goods one of two ways. Firstly, you can insure them through an insurance company like Farmers insurance, that way if your things are stolen or damaged your company will compensate you. The alternative is to purchase insurance through the storage unit rental. When you have the storage unit rental company insure your goods, an extra fee will be added to your monthly bill. Keep in mind, you may also qualify for specific insurance packages with your insurance company.

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or the manager at a large corporation, renting the right storage rental unit is an important decision. Consider your businesses needs and pick a company that will aid your daily operations.

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