5 Key Characteristics Of A Strong Non Profit Donation Letter

There are several key characteristics of a strong non profit donation letter. Sending out donation letters might seem like an old-fashioned way to request donations for your organization. However, when they are written with certain strong attributes, they can be an effective way to get funding for your nonprofit cause. Donation letters are most beneficial towards the end of the calendar year when donors are calculating their pre-tax season finances. As a marketing professional, you should send out donation letters for your 501(c)(3) organization during the November and December holiday season. This is when people tend to be more charitable. Read on to learn about several key characteristics of a strong non profit donation letter.


Pathos is one key characteristic of a strong non profit donation letter for your advertising campaign. Ideally, you should pull your readers in with an emotional story. Within this story, outline your company’s mission statement, values, and accomplishments. Explain to your reader how your charity is making a positive impact upon your constituents and the overall global environment. If you are asking for a donation, people need to know how you are giving back to the community with their funding. When potential donors know how certain populations or communities have benefited from your charity work, they will be more likely to contribute. Therefore, pathos is an essential trait for a strong non profit donation letter when developing your marketing strategy.

Conversational Tone

Another key characteristic of a successful non profit donation letter is conversational tone. While you may understand the technical terms within your organization, your potential donor may be unfamiliar. For instance, if you are heavy on nonprofit terms such as “collective actions,” “synergizing,” and “alignments,” your audience could be less likely to donate to your charity. This is because people may be uncomfortable reading and contributing terms they don’t entirely understand. For this reason, you should be more conversational in your letter. Optimally, you should use less internal jargon. Strive for a human, personal tone as if you were speaking to your target audience face-to-face. You might even consider conducting a donor or customer analysis to better understand your audience. Conversational tone is a crucial element to have in your non profit donation letter for a successful marketing campaign.


In addition, personalization is a key characteristic of a strong charity donation request. For your advertising campaign, you should try to keep these letters as personal as you can. If you can handwrite the letters, you should. This shows immense care for your constituents and the communities you are serving. Moreover, it is imperative that your donation letter does not look like a cookie cutter copy. To avoid this, you might try breaking up your donor list into target audience categories. Then, you could have similar letters for each category. This way, you keep your processes efficient while still achieving personalization. A personal touch can be the difference between your donor contributing and not. For a well-built marketing strategy, you need to write charity request letters with high quality personalization.

Call To Action

Moreover, a call to action is another essential characteristic of a strong non profit donation request letter. You need to explain the urgency of the situation to convince readers to act quickly in making their donation. You should show or explain what other donors’ gifts have done and show how it has made an impact. In addition, take note of the progress that your current fundraiser is making. Call-to-actions should be simple and direct. Alternatively, you can tailor them to the specifics of your organization. For example, consider “Donate now” vs. “Support a child.” Both are effective, but the second speaks to the specificity of a charity that helps children in need. Regardless of the advertising method you use in your call to action, it is an essential component for an effective nonprofit donation letter.

Explanation Of Reader Impact

Furthermore, for your charity donation request letter to secure funds, you need to include an explanation of reader impact. Pathos or emotional appeal will be most effective when it is directed at your target audience, especially if your nonprofit’s cause will not directly influence their lives. You need to try to connect your organization’s values to the reader. If you cannot make this connection, you should put your reader into the shoes of whoever your charity directly benefits. When doing this, be sure to use attention-grabbing lines to keep your audience hooked. For a strong marketing campaign, it is imperative to include an explanation of reader impact when writing your non profit donation letters.

There are several key characteristics of a strong non profit donation letter. For example, pathos or emotional appeal is essential to pull your reader into your charity’s cause. In addition, you need to use a conversational tone when writing to ensure your letter is easily comprehensible. Moreover, personalization is crucial to the success of your donation letter securing funds for your marketing campaign. You also need a call to action to show the urgency of your cause and compel constituents to donate. Furthermore, a strong donation letter usually has an explanation of reader impact to show your audience how their donation can impact them and the global community. Remember to send your letter out towards the end of the tax year to allow businesses to make tax-deductible donations to your cause when applicable. Consider the points above to learn about several key characteristics of a strong non profit donation letter.

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