Struggling Companies: Try These Methods for Boosting Success


The fate of a struggling business is not written on the wall. It may seem as though the path forward is all downhill, and that it’s only a matter of time before the doors must be closed for good, but such is not the case. There are a number of ways for companies big and small to make a comeback after the chips are down. While many, such as inventing the next wonder product or service, are a little easier said than done, a few are achievable at virtually any point in time. These methods for boosting business success.

Conduct A Self-Audit

It seems too easy, but turning a failing business around sometimes only requires an audit. It may turn out the price per unit in your head for a given component is much lower than reality. Or perhaps revenues are not adding up to projected expectations. When numbers in two separated databases (computer and brain) don’t add up, it’s inevitable for an enterprise to suffer. Realizing the discrepancy allows for more effective spending and pricing going forward, reducing the chances of a business failing from within.

Seek Win-Loss Analysis

Sometimes the raw numbers themselves add up just fine; it’s the overall lack of sales, or low rate of sales, which is slowly sending a business into the ground. In these situations, it’s a good idea to utilize win-loss analysis services. In short, WLA helps businesses get to the heart of why past sales did or didn’t go through, thereby designing a proven path going forward. In fact, WLA is not just for “Hail Mary” situations, but a good proactive measure to take even when business is performing well, as it likely boosts efficiency in decisions and operations.

Make Smart Investments

Throwing good money after bad is never a smart idea, but sometimes added investment is the difference between business failure and success. The key is to make this investment count – as it’s likely the last chance for improving sales. Marketing campaigns are a common place for struggling companies to focus their limited capital, yet without a strong theme, such a ploy will rarely trigger the necessary buzz for boosting sales. Focus instead on upgrading existing systems once the weak points have been identified.

Continue To Think Critically

It’s easy for business leaders to become victims of their own success; once vigilant, forward thinking, and willing to take calculated risks, they make the mistake of thinking the momentum is self-sustaining. Instead, business leaders ought to never stop thinking like a scientist with business strategies. Ask questions, analyze data, and plot out possible future scenarios in order to better manage the road ahead. Don’t be afraid to reconsider and recalculate actions based on new information. Failure to act on change is inherently dangerous to any company at any stage of success.

The true value of a business leader is determined not in times of success, but in periods of distress. With this in mind, a downward trajectory for sales and income is not an exclusively doom and gloom scenario. There are a number of ways to turn things around. With careful planning, a proactive perspective, and a little imagination, struggling companies stand a chance of not only surviving but thriving.

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