Small Business Advertising Ideas For Budget Conscious Business Owners


Small businesses require plenty of advertising in order to compete with big chains and corporations. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses lack the resources necessary to run costly ad campaigns. If you are budget-conscious business owner in need of marketing strategies for your business, consider using one of the many cost-free advertising methods, including social media tips, in this post. Here are some small business advertising ideas for budget-conscious owners.

Share With Another Company

One of the best small business advertising strategies is teaming up with another company. In doing so, you can share advertising and cut costs in half. Sharing costs also means that you can afford higher quality ads. A large creative banner on buildings or billboards will suddenly become a viable option. A great way to make this idea more effective is to pair up with a company that has a complementary product. For instance, if you are selling motor oil you might want to place it next to a car advertisement. This will lead to sales increasing for both products. Cost-effectiveness and increased exposure make this is one of the top small business advertising ideas.

Create Youtube Videos

Youtube is an incredibly popular form of social media marketing. If you manage to get a highly-viewed video on Youtube, you will be able to advertise your small business to thousands of people across the internet. There are two important points to remember in creating your video. First, you want to make sure the video is relevant to your business. This will help to direct it towards your target audience. Second, you want to make it a video worth watching. For example, if you are a restaurant you might want to make an instructional video about cooking something from your menu. This will grab people interested in cooking, and advertise your food business at the same time. Youtube has a high number of users and is free to use. Thus, creating a video on Youtube is one of the best small business advertising ideas for budget-conscious owners.

Volunteer At A Community Event

Making your presence known in the community is extremely important. Your main clientele is going to be local, after all. That is why it is a good idea to volunteer at local events. You can wear your company logo on your shirt or hand out business cards. Contributing to the event is your main priority. However, you should take this opportunity to do as much word-of-mouth advertising as possible. It costs nothing and can help connect you to business partners and potential clients. Especially if you are a corporate event planner, keep an eye out for the next community event. It will be a great opportunity for you to execute some cost-free small business advertising.

Use Email

Email is a great way to connect with new clients and keep in touch with old ones. You can include information about new products or report on changes in your business. Alternatively, you can opt to include interesting content designed to keep readers interested. Just make sure you include your business information at the bottom of the page. The great part about email is that it is free to use. There are paid services that include mass-sending capabilities and newsletter templates. However, you can just as easily get the job done with free services like Gmail or Outlook. Organize a list of clients and put together interesting emails. This idea is sure to aid you in your advertising efforts.

Send Birthday Greetings

Sending birthday greetings to previous customers is a great way to advertise for small business and protect brand reputation at the same time. Mailing a postcard or sending an email with a simple greeting and perhaps a special discount or coupon is highly effective at getting repeat business. The discount will incentivize previous customers to return, and the kind greeting will get them to tell their friends about your business. If you want a low cost advertising strategy for small business, this is an excellent one to use to make your business stand out.

As a small business owner, you know why marketing is important. Thankfully, there are dozens of ways to advertise your small business without spending money. You can use free email services to send out interesting newsletters to your clients. You can attend local events and advertise through word of mouth. You can even contact other companies to share advertising costs with them. If you are in need of budget-friendly advertisement, consider using the ideas in this post. You are sure to improve your marketing efforts using any of the small business advertising ideas listed above.

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