How To Submit To Children’s Book Publishers Without An Agent

There are several steps to submit to children’s book publishers. Typically, major publishers are looking for new children’s fiction stories, books and novels. These companies can cover a wide range of genres including baby boards and picture books. On the other hand, they publish, middle age and young adult narrations too. As an author, submitting your work can be difficult and time-consuming. To simplify the process, follow these steps to submit to children’s book publishers.

Develop Your Story

First, develop your story before submitting to a children’s book publishing businesses. Revise, edit and rewrite to ensure your story is where you want it to be. Attend local events to meet other authors and illustrators. After finding a trusted group, present your story to receive feedback. Use that feedback to perfect your story. Additionally, test your story by reading it to a classroom or children’s group. You can gauge how the children reacted and report how they rated your story. Certainly develop your story before submitting it to a children’s book publisher.

Finish The Manuscript

Next, finish the manuscript. Submit a completed story. This shows that you can fully build and express your ideas. Additionally, ensure that your story is highly engaging, value-added and perfect for the target audience. Publication companies determine your publishing potential by reading your completed manuscript. However, there are special considerations for proven authors, public figures or someone with a massive following. Publishers base considerations on the backend sales potential. Your work in an investment for publishers. Therefore, you should provide highly-polished products. Of course, you should have a finished manuscript when submitting it to a children’s book publisher.

Query Letter

Submit your work to a children’s book publisher by providing a query letter. Your one page letter is the publishing company’s first impression of you. Start by greeting the receiver of the letter. Then, write a powerful, attention grabbing hook. This should make the publisher want to read your book. Include an overview that consists of main characters, setting and dramatic conflict. Additionally, include information about the target audience, format and word count. Furthermore, add a biography with previous works as well as relevant business and life experiences. This section proves to the reader that you are the best person to write the story. Finally, provide your query letter with contact information when submitting to a children’s book publisher.

Follow Guidelines

Additionally, follow guidelines when you submit to a children’s book publisher. First, submit a story that is unique and original from everything available at the bookstores. The story should follow the rules of writing, including character development, plot devices and meaningful endings. Your book should appeal to a wide audience and market size. Then, update the manuscript to match the latest dialogue for kids in the current culture. Furthermore, submit your work without illustrations, unless you are a professional illustrator. Certainly follow the guidelines when you submit your work to a children’s book publisher.

Submit Manuscript

Finally, submit your manuscript to a children’s book publisher. Create a list of publishers that accept unsolicited submissions. From there, visit their websites and submission pages. Verify that they are open for unsolicited manuscripts and that your story matches their criteria. Fill out the submission page with your author details. Upload your cover letter, query letter, and formatted manuscript. After submission, wait for a response within the specified time frame. Be patient and professional as publishers receive thousands of manuscripts a year. Definitely, submit your manuscript to a children’s book publisher.

Of course, there are several steps to submit to children’s book publishers. First, develop your story to ensure its where you want it to be. Next, finish your story as publishers want a completed product. Additionally, submit a query letter to break down the book for the publisher. Certainly, follow guidelines for a better chance of publication. Finally, submit the manuscript so publishers can view your story and make a decision. Once you have sent it off, you can focus on marketing a book online to major audiences. Follow these steps to submit your work to children’s book publishers.

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