Talent Shortages In These Fields Make Great Career Opportunities

While following one’s dreams and doing what one loves are always good ideas, some of the careers you might love may not be all that obvious. Ideally, your choice should set you up to success with qualifications that will be in high demand. Remember, the job market is like any other. If there is high supply and low demand, your earning opportunities are fewer, and the remuneration is less likely to be good. Fortunately, if you are looking to make more money, there will always be dozens of opportunities available.

On the other hand, choosing a career in which there is a smaller pool of available candidates gives you a better opportunity to be employed and to shine in your chosen career. Whether you are  trying to plan your future, propel your business career potential,  or are simply seeking a career change, these in-demand skills could be the secret to your success.

Civil Engineering & Related Fields

There’s a lot to be said in favor of a career in civil engineering and its related fields. There’s a demand for the bright minds that can plan for society’s infrastructure needs, and a shortage of qualified people to fill the gaps. Transportation engineering jobs, for example, offer excellent remuneration and benefits plus daily intellectual challenges and the rewards of seeing a plan come together.

With upgrades to transportation systems, including road, rail, and air transport being demanded by the government and society alike, you’re looking at an exciting career creating the infrastructure everyone wants. Or perhaps your passion is for water supply, drainage, and the broad outlines for city planning – civil engineering qualifications allow you to be part of the projects that make good things happen.

Information Technology

In today’s tech savvy world, it may seem surprising that there’s a huge skills gap in information technology-related fields. The truth is that while everyone likes tech, very few people have the necessary technical skills to make it work for us. If achieving skills in areas like big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning appeals to you, you’re riding the wave of the future.

Companies hoping to make better use of tech have been slow to implement training of existing staff and they’re waking up to a world where tech skills are absolutely necessary if they hope to remain competitive. Of course, technology moves fast, so your career will imply lifelong learning just to stay up to date – but for those of us who like to face challenges, that’s an advantage too!

Artisans: The “Middle Skills Gap”

No matter how many clever folks are thinking up ways to make businesses and society work better, someone has to do the actual job of realizing these plans and keeping the results running. If you’re worried about the affordability of earning a college degree or are a hands-on kind of person rather than an academic, gaining a trade could be your secret to success.

Many companies offer apprenticeship programs for trades ranging from mechanic to electrician and beyond – and although your remuneration is low while you are still learning, you’ll be in demand once you’ve qualified. Still not ambitious enough for you? You can even dream of opening your own business one day. If you succeed, you’ll be leaving many college graduates in your tracks – especially if they’re unemployed because they chose a qualification with an oversupply of candidates and low demand.

To Your Success

Whether you are trying to decide on your first career or are considering a change, your success will depend on choosing a direction you’ll find rewarding. That means making a choice that will benefit others while ensuring you get interesting work, job security, benefits, and adequate remuneration for your efforts. Whatever the challenge you take up – from civil engineering to nuts-and-bolts trades that keep the wheels turning, these in-demand directions should be on your list of career areas to consider.

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