Quick, Fun Team Building Games To Inspire Innovative Thinking


There are several activities that promote team building for adults in the workplace. Employers can utilize such activities to enhance cooperation among workers. Engaging employees in the right team building activities encourages better communication and improves professional relationships. What’s more, employers can maintain a healthy workplace environment through these team building activities.  Since each activity aims to achieve a different team building goal like executive team building, selecting appropriate ones is tough. In this post, five effective adult team building activities have been provided for your reference.

Game of Possibilities

The Game of Possibilities is one of the best team building activities that only take 5-6 minutes out of your busy workday. To play it, you can arrange team members in one group or in multiple small groups. Gather any number of random objects from the office or items from home. Then, give one object to each group. One team member will have to go up in front of the rest their team and silently act out a use for that particular object. The rest of their team must correctly identify what activity the team member is pantomiming in order to win a point or the game, depending on how many groups you have. Do this for every group that you have playing the game. This is one of the best team building exercises that inspires creativity and also reinforces the importance of individual innovation without requiring a corporate training certification to pull it off.

The Barter Puzzle

One of the popular team building activities for adults, the Barter Puzzle improves communication and problem solving abilities of teams. Start by dividing your workforce in four or more groups, giving each a tough jigsaw puzzle. At the same time, inform these groups that competing teams have some of their puzzle pieces. In order to obtain those puzzle pieces, team members will negotiate with the competing teams. Usually, negotiation is carried out by bartering or exchanging members. Of course, the team which finishes the puzzle first wins. All in all, Barter Puzzle improves team work ability of your workforce without having to worry about how the activity is impacting resource management.

Circle Of Questions

Circle of Questions is an activity employers use to form new teams. Furthermore, this activity allows new employees get adjusted with their working environment and is used by the best corporate event planner to build team unity. Also, the game addresses difficult organizational problems through questions. To play Circle of Questions, the participating employees are divided in two equal sized teams. One team forms a circle facing outwards and the other makes a bigger circle facing inwards, surrounding the first team. Members from both circle get chance to ask questions suggested by employers to the competing team. Understandably, asking question introduces employees, facilitating team building for adults.

Blind Drawing

If you need a team building activity for adults that improves organizational communication, then consider Blind Drawing. Played by groups of two of employees, this activity focuses on enhancing use of language. While playing, the two members are seated back to back. One of them is given a picture to describe without revealing what it contains. The other member has to draw a picture by listening to this description. Surely, this activity encourages employees communication and collaboration with team members.

What’s On Your Desk

Before building a marketing or sales team, employers sometimes use the What’s On Your Desk activity. Participating employees are asked to bring one item from their respective desks. They must describe this item, creating slogan, tag line, name and logo for it. Moreover, they will formulate a convincing marketing strategy to sell this item. Basically, What’s On Your Desk is a fun team building activity for adults that enables marketing employees to look at products from a fresh perspective while developing better marketing strategies. If you create teams for this game, it will also help to improve business collaboration as well.

Being There

Team building for adults requires activities like Being There to improve the attention span of employees. In this simple game, employees are divided into two teams while a moderator reads out a long list of questions. Then, the participants write answers to as many questions as they can remember. To increase the level of competition, their answer sheets can be scored by members of competing teams. Of course, answering questions from memory emphasizes the importance of concentration, helping teams become more focused on work.

Sneak A Peek Fun

The Sneak a Peek game takes only ten minutes to play, but will improve your team for years to come. Think of it like a business process improvement for employees. All you need to play it is a set of kids blocks. Build a design and hide it from the rest of the team. Then, divide your team up into smaller groups of four or less and give them enough blocks to re-create your creation. Once everyone is ready, place your block structure in the center of all the groups and allow one person from each group to come up and study it for ten seconds. Then, take the structure away and give those that came up twenty five seconds to give instructions to the rest of their teammates. Give all the teams one minute to rebuild the structure. If no team has built it correctly, allow one person from every team to sneak another peek and return to their group with another minutes for building. This team building exercise will improve team communication tenfold.

Team building for adults can be done through a series of fun activities. Some of these activities focus on improving communication whereas others inspire innovative thinking. Moreover, team building activities can be used to find solutions to organizational problems and improve employee performance overall. Above all, team building for adults is necessary to help every team reach their potential, making your company more productive.

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