Why Tech Startups Are Looking To Hire React Native Talent

React Native is the programming language behind a lot of our favorite companies and applications. For example, Facebook has used the language for most of their app development. Because of this, we can see why a multitude of upcoming startups has started to use the framework.

As of now, React Native’s development team wants to create changes to the framework. Their goal is to make the framework flexible and integrate with Javascript’s framework, Node.JS. Whether you’re a new or experienced developer, there is a myriad of companies that want to hire react native developers for their projects. And we’re here to tell you why.

Why Do Tech Companies Hire React Native Developers?

Developing in React Native means that you can make apps for multiple platforms (iOS and Android), which is a huge bonus to the team that’s attempting to hire you. Technical companies hire react native developers for the following reasons:


The main reasons why tech companies choose React Native developers is because their skills can be transferred to any language or platform. Once your know React Native, it’s easy for you to pick up a new coding language that the company needs with a few online coding classes. React Native allows developers to copy their code seamlessly into another platform. The code can transfer to another application without experiencing logical difficulties. As a result, your code is protected from receiving bugs.

Similar Code Execution

One problem that developers face is using their code for different platforms. In some languages, what might work for iOS might not work for Android (and vice versa). Fortunately, React Native doesn’t have that issue. With React Native, developers can engineer different products without having a loss in quality. As a result, developers can run the code without having any effort.

Efficient Native App Development

While most native app development is known for their inefficiency, slower deployment times, and less productivity among development teams, React Native is about bringing the agility and speed of web app development to the hybrid space – while producing hybrid results.

For instance, Facebook’s ReactJS UI library is for web applications. And it uses React Native’s system to help make this happen. React Native uses ReactJS for DOM abstraction, simplified programming methods, and better app performance to help with building mobile apps.

Reusable Components Help Native Apps Render

React Native has “native component” building blocks which are used to compile to the native programming language. Components that you use in Android or iOS has the same counterparts in Native React so you’ll have a consistent feel and look.

Because of the component structure, it allows you to create apps with a web-style, more agile approach to app development instead of traditional hybrid frameworks. The app will have the appearance, functionality, and speed of a regular native language.


Overall, React Native developers are increasing in demand. This means that they will become needed in the future as the language becomes more popular. Ultimately, we believe that this language will become more successful in the future.

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