Taking Online Coding Classes To Build A Business Website


As a small business owner, you know the importance of outreach and ensuring that your business is widely known and trusted. What better way to reach people than the internet? If you are considering taking coding classes online to help further your business’ reach by building your own website, this article will show you the possible advantages and disadvantages along  with information on what your next step should be.

Should I Learn to Code?

There are many advantages to learning to code. The first, and probably most important reason,  to any small business owner is cost efficiency. Outsourcing website development and maintenance can be extremely costly. As an alternative, learning the skill yourself can eliminate the cost for any current business or business down the line. This may also give you an advantage when looking for investors or partners down the road who will appreciate the significance of your skills. However, the major disadvantage to learn coding is the loss of time to manage the business itself. Developing and maintaining a web presence is a lot of work, and without sufficient time, one or all other areas of your business may suffer.

Okay, I Want to Code…What Next?

There are many brick and mortar schools that provide classes on learning to code. But, as a small business owner, the time restrictions may make this a unlikely option. Have no fear, as there are also many opportunities to learn to code remotely. Kahn Academy provides classes online which include quizzes to monitor your progress. Secondly, CodeAcademy is another  website that is free and allows you to select one aspect of coding you’d like to focus on, which can be useful to a small business owner. Furthermore, there are apps for your smartphone that will teach you to code such as Swifty or Udacity. Some apps are free and others may be somewhat of an investment, but there is something to be said for the convenience which it provides.

Maybe This Isn’t For Me, What are Some Other Options?

If you’ve decided that learning to code is not the right decision for you or your small business, there are many website hosting companies that provide templates and easy-to-use tools to create and run your own website. One such site is SquareSpace. If you’d like a little more control in the appearance of your website, the best bet may be to hire a freelance website developer. Although it is a costly investment, it can be a very wise one. These individuals will provide you with top of the line sites while also ensuring that your needs are met in terms of content and appearance tailored specifically to your business.

Certainly, taking coding classes online is a major commitment. Most likely, they will only help you build a website for your business if you stay committed to the courses and complete the project. For busy owners, starting the project might be easy. However, actually completing it is a whole other story. So, be realistic with yourself now that you know the options available and continue to grow your small business one day at a time.

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